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We recently had the chance to chat with director Juliana Carpino about getting her start in the industry, directing short films, upcoming projects, and more!

1. What inspired you to want to become a director?

I had booked a role on a feature film and I remember walking onto set and

meeting the Director for the first time and almost falling over because it was a woman! Up until this point, I had never had the experience of meeting a Female Director before that. It was a very pivotal moment for me when I realized that my dream was her reality. From that moment on, it was all I wanted to do with my life.


2. What is your favorite part about the job?

I like to call it “joining the dark side” because sitting in video village is usually

very, very, VERY dark so all concentration and focus is on what’s being showed on the monitors. But my favorite part about the job is having the artistic freedom to run wild with an idea while wearing sweatpants if I wanted to. My job is to create a world and bring words to life; it’s probably the coolest gig in the whole world.


3. What is the most challenging part about it?

One very challenging part for me is finding locations. Although that might

sound silly, it’s such an important visual that needs to be perfect in order to bring the audience in. I always have such a clear vision of “where we are” when reading a script so to shoot in a location that wasn’t a close enough version to my vision makes me even more protective of the script! I almost feel like I’m not doing the story justice. So that’s definitely one of the challenges at the top of my list.


4. What projects have you directed in the past?

I’ve directed a few short films that were accepted into a few film festivals.

I’m also currently developing my first feature film as well.


5. Do you have any inspirations when it comes to directing?

I do! Two actually. One being Reed Morano who works as both a Director

and Cinematographer on two feature films to date. She’s also done episodic work which is cinematically beautiful. The second being Olivia Wilde who’s in pre- production for her feature film debut on Booksmart. Olivia actually directed a music video which was shot by Reed (gorgeously may I add, google it!), and has now landed her first big gig. That achievement alone is an inspiration to me.


6. How did you shift from directing to acting? Was acting always something you wanted to do or did you just fall into it?

I actually shifted from acting to directing. I hadn’t experienced many working women in the industry so I always thought that the only way to be in film was if I was infront of the camera. As cheesy as this is, I was one of those kids who directed little home-movies when I was a kid. I would re-make movies that I had seen and bring my friends over and shoot them around my house. My mom was an awesome Camera Op.


7. What was it like getting to work on “My Daughter Must Live”?

It was really fun! Everyone was really nice and the Director knew exactly

what he wanted so that made it much easier! We had some really cool choreography, so it was always a huge dance party.


8. Are you currently working on any other projects?

Yes, I’m developing my first feature film that I wrote about a year ago. I’m

also prepping for another 2 short films which will be shot early summer and the other one closer towards the end of summer.


9. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Roadtrips with girlfriends, definitely. I really enjoy photography and the

outdoors so I love to explore new places. Hiking, camping, swimming, etc., is also a big excitement for me.


10. What are your goals for 2018?

To find and work with creatives who are just as passionate about creating

as I am. I also want to take a break from narrative work and explore the commercial world as well. I’m hoping to blend my narrative techniques with some cool brands to help give them a “facelift” if you will.


11. What are your social media accounts?

I actually only have Instagram! I tried out twitter but I really suck at being

active on it. You can find me on Instagram at: @julianacarpino and my website: http://www.julianacarpino.com

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