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We recently had the chance to chat with Ryan Ochoa about getting his start in the industry, working on “Pair of Kings”, his role on “The Samuel Project”, and more!

1. How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

I give all the credit to my parents. My mom worked hard to get me an agent when I was really young. My dad owned a furniture store in San Diego, an acting manager came in one day, asked about my brother and me, and she ended up helping us really get involved.

2. What was your first big project?

Kind of a hard one to answer. I look at every one of my early projects as a big one because they all played a factor in my next role. My first commercial was for “Greyhound” Bus so that was big for me to kickstart my career, but “The Perfect Game” was my first big movie which helped me get “A Christmas Carol,” a big budget Walt Disney film with a huge A-list cast. Then there is “iCarly” and “Pair of Kings” which helped establish my name world-wide, so they all are “big” to me in some way, because they helped get the next.

3. What is something most fans wouldn’t know about working on “iCarly”?

I was NOT like my character, Chuck! Haha. For one, I made lots of memories on this show and really got along with the cast. Something not too many people know is that even though I had storylines mainly with Jerry (Spencer) and Miranda (Carly), I actually became close with Jennette!

4. What is your favorite memory from that experience?

I won’t forget the time I was on the show. I was a middle school student on the biggest kid show on TV! You can imagine how cool that was. I was a 6th grader, probably shorter than everyone in his class haha, but got to go work on a show everyone at my school watched!

5. How was working on that show different from “Pair of Kings”?

There sure are a lot of reasons, but I don’t want you to go to sleep reading this haha, so I will say the biggest difference was me being on set. I was on set every day on POK working on a show and school on set for months, so I ended up doing exactly what the cast of “iCarly” was doing every day.

6. You just wrapped your new feature film “The Samuel Project” what is it about?

“The Samuel Project” is about an aspiring artist, high school senior, Eli, who connects with his grandfather, Samuel, for the first time, after he makes him the subject of his animated art project for school.

7. Who do you play?

I play Eli, haha. I got the incredible honor to work alongside the legend “Hal Linden” who is truly incredible in this film!

8. Do you think fans will be surprised to see you take on a new type of role?

I cannot wait for everyone to see this film! These are the types of roles I have been waiting to do, but I am glad I got the opportunity to venture out and do all kinds of roles. With that being said, I am excited for people to see me in a new realm that may be surprising at first.

9. You’re also in a music group with your brothers, what has that experience been like for you?

One of the best experiences and gets better every day. We are growing up as people, as brothers, and we get to make big career decisions together too. There is something special about the whole process. Making music together, performing together, creating together, it’s insane!

10. Do you have any upcoming music you’re planning to release?

Definitely. We actually have a lot we are working on! A new music video for a new song that is not out yet. We might drop them both at once. We are in the process of making some big moves, and one sneak peek thing is that we have a song in my upcoming film “The Samuel Project” and more to come in other projects!

11. Can you hint about what new Netflix show you may be guest starring on?

I wish I could say a lot more, but it is going to be really big, the cast is huge, and it is another role that people will be surprised to see me in!

12. Do you have any other upcoming projects you can share with us?

I have a few offers, but I have a lot going on with traveling for press and festivals for TSP right now! It is taking me to some cool places, and with music taking another big part of my time, I can promise everyone there is a lot coming.

13. What are your social media accounts?

Ohhhhhh yes, the question I love answering haha! I’m all about connecting with our Ochoanizers so I try my best to be active on all my accounts.

Instagram @ryanochoa

Twitter @ryanochoa

Snapchat the1crazyryry

Facebook 1crazyryry

YouTube 1crazyryry (I don’t post on there really because we have our OB YouTube that I edit videos to post on our group account)


Also, I broadcast live on live.me every now and then too. My account is Ryan Ochoa

Lastly, thank you all for the great questions and I want to thank all our Ochoanizers for all your support! Keep working hard to achieve our goals. Dream Wish Believe!

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