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We recently had the chance to chat with the Scott twins about getting started in the entertainment industry, working on commercials, being twins, and more!

1. How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

Jurnee: My sister and I used to make up pretend plays and put them on for my mom. One day we asked her if we can be on TV and she told us that we can try it out. So mom got us an agent and we booked some commercials so far.

Jordynn: My sister and I would make up plays and perform them. We asked our mom to put us on tv and she got us an agent.

2. Which commercials have you starred in?

Jurnee: So far I’ve done a Canadian National pizza commercial (Delissio), Xfinity, Ford Canada & recently a breakfast commercial that will be aired this summer.

Jordynn: I’ve done Xfinity which was a US national, Delissio (pizza commercial) Ford & recently a breakfast commercial

3. Which has been your favorite project to work on so far and why?

Jurnee: Well I really liked filming the ones I’ve done so far but Xfinity would probably be a fav. It was our first of hopefully many more US nationals I’ve done.

Jordynn: hmmmm All of them were my favourite but I really liked the US national commercial. It was the first time we got to be on TV in the US.

4. How can fans tell you apart?

Jurnee: Hahaha people have a really hard time telling us apart. Our teacher from last year wasn’t ever able to tell us apart. We tricked our teacher this year too. But hmmmm I don’t know they can tell us apart…Oh I know! Jurnee has an eyebrow that looks a little bit like Raven Symone (looks at Jordynn and they giggle)

Jordynn: (grins widely) not a lot of people can tell us apart but if you look closely I have a slightly longer chin than Jurnee. The only people other than our mom who can tell us apart are our best friends Paulina, Shy’ann & Ran’nise

5. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not acting?

Jurnee: I’m pretty active. I like sports so I’m either doing track or swimming orrrrrr playing. I like to play A LOT

Jordynn: I really like doing track & swimming. In the winter I like to ice skate (I’m not really good at it yet) and playing on my phone as well as playing with my friends.

6. What are your dream roles?

Jurnee: You know what would be really really cool? like having our own drama tv twin show orrrrrrr comedy tv show. My sister likes drama roles and I like comedy roles. In acting class I get the drama scripts and she gets the comedy scripts. But having our own tv show would be so cool; also working with Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson is also a dream role.

Jordynn: Hmmm my dream role is to book a movie. Oh my goodness that would be sooooooo cool to book a movie with my sister. (grinning and hugging her sister)

7. Do you have any fun summer plans?

Jurnee: (big grins) We’re going on a cruise this summer.

Jordynn: yesssss I do 🙂 we’re going on a  cruise this summer and I’m really excited

8. Are you currently working on any projects you can share with us?

Jurnee: No. Nothing yet. We just finished shooting the breakfast commercial. Hopefully we book something else soon

Jordynn: No not yet, but hopefully we will be doing one very soon.

9. Where can fans find you on social media?

Jurnee: They can find us on Instagram: theofficialjordynnjurnee

Facebook: twinactresses

Musical.ly: sprinterjurnee

Jordynn: They can find me on Instagram: theofficialjordynnjurnee

Facebook: twinactresses

Musical.ly: jordynnscott2

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