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We recently had the chance to chat with “Cool Cat” star Connor Dean about getting his start in the industry, working on “Cool Cat,” being “Meme King,” and more!

  1. How did you land your role in “Cool Cat”?

I went through a typical audition process. After the first round I was called back to do what is called a mix and match. I read with different actors so the director could see which ones had the best chemistry together. The director liked that I was a really mean “bully” when I was acting but when they yelled “cut” I was back to being nice to everyone!

  1. What was that experience like for you?

Being in Cool Cat was fun! The cast was very kind. Vivica A. Fox and Erik Estrada were the BEST to work with. We laughed a lot on the set of all the movies.

  1. What made you want to start acting?

My older brother is an actor. I had to ride around with my mom when she took him on auditions. It wasn’t too long before I thought maybe I should start auditioning too because it looked fun. I wasn’t very serious back then, but I started taking classes and before long acting became something I wanted to do all the time.

  1. Who are your acting inspirations?

I’m really into the Star Wars franchise so I’d have to say Harrison Ford is one of my inspirations. I also like Jack Black because I think he’s a comedic genius.

  1. How did you become “Meme King”?

My character of “Butch the Bully” in the Cool Cat movies is a favorite with fans and has been a popular character to make into memes. There are so many memes of Butch and fan pages that I’ve lost count!

  1. What is your favorite meme?

I think my favorite meme is the one I saw recently with “Butch the Bully” wearing the Infinity Glove from the Avengers movie. Butch was laughing as Cool Cat disappeared.

  1. Where can fans find you on social media?

You can find me on Instagram @connordeanofficial and @butchthebullyofficialpage  Twitter: @TheConnorDean  and Facebook @TheConnorDean

  1. Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

I have a couple projects that are in development that I can’t talk about right now. I also am an ambassador for A Magic Penny which is a wonderful charity that teaches kids the importance of giving back to their community. There are a couple of events that I’ll be attending over the summer.

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