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We recently had the chance to chat with pop rock band “Till I Fall” about their new acoustic EP which is set to be released on May 27th!

  1. How did you form as a group?

I (Brandon) started Till I Fall in 2011 as a solo acoustic project. Over the years I’ve been able to share the creative process with a handful of musicians, and met Zax in 2014. Since then, he and I have been working together on music and creating the brand of our group.

  1. What inspired the band name?

I had previously been in bands where other members wanted to stop playing or I had gotten kicked out for taking it too seriously. When I started this band it was with the intention of working at it and having something that was personal to me and that nobody else could really “end” so to speak.

  1. What is each members’ role in the group?

I (Brandon) write the lyrics and work with Zax on formatting the music. I also sing and play rhythm guitar.

Zax is the Lead Guitarist and backup vocalist. We writes the bulk of lead lines in the studio as well as harmonies.

  1. What inspired your EP?

I believe our writing style is what really inspired our newest EP because it’s how Brandon and I (Zax) began writing new Till I Fall together. Along with what’s going on in our world today and our personal lives helped influence our lyrics.

  1. How will it be different from your previous work?

This is our first acoustic EP so we hope it can gage a new market and get people who normally wouldn’t listen to our band to check out another side of what we do.

  1. What is your favorite song off of the EP?

Zax – Personally my favorite song is Sunshine since it’s one my favorite songs to perform. Hearing it reimagined acoustic and having all these different colors and sounds with the help of my brother Anthony I feel really brought it to life.

Brandon – All of these songs are special for different reasons, and having 2 from our previous EP but stripped down creates an even more special vibe around it. I really like how Poolside came out, that’s one of the new one’s we plan on demoing further this Summer, so it will be cool how we can expand that song.

  1. Will you be going on any tours to promote the EP?

Unfortunately we were scheduled to go out on a West Coast tour this month, however the artist we were supporting had to cancel last minute and therefore the whole tour was cut. We do hope to pick up some dates over the next month or two, but the bulk of our Summer will be committed to working on new material.

  1. How did you narrow down the songs that made the EP?

The recording process was 2 days total, and we felt the 4 songs we picked for our record show our listeners our honest acoustic sound with emphasis on Brandon’s lyrics.

  1. What do you think makes you stand out from other artists?

I think we tend to pull from things differently and have a different take to playing and writing Pop/Rock. The lyricism is very important to me and I think we do a good job of sharing our thoughts and perspectives that way.

  1. Do you have any fun summer plans?

We’re gonna be spending some time in the studio this summer and have plans to tour some places we’ve been wanting to play as well!

  1. Are you working on anything else at the moment?

We’ve got some new songs we’re going to spend the Summer demoing and working on with the hopes of releasing next Spring! We’re working on putting together tour plans for late August, September, and October.

  1. What are your social media accounts?



Instagram – @TILLIFALLSJ

Facebook – www.facebook.com/TilliFall









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