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We recently had the chance to chat with Wave Break about their upcoming EP, touring plans, and more!

  1. How did you form as a band?

   Wave Break: Kelly and Mike had been jamming on Kelly’s original songs for a little while, played a show together, and decided to form a band. We then found Alex and David to round out the lineup on lead guitar and bass.

  1. How did you come up with the name?

   Wave Break: We had been tossing around some random names and terms for a few weeks, and eventually we came up with “Wave Break,” which we all agreed was memorable and had meaning behind it. We kept it as two words because we felt it made more sense conceptually that way.

  1. What was the recording process like for your new EP “Armory?”

   Wave Break: We were still writing a couple of the songs when we originally started recording, so we would record one song, finish, then record the next. If You Were Awake and Flight Syndrome were the last two songs to be recorded. We also ended up going back and re-recording parts to the two singles Plaster City and Deadlock, since we had already started recording them both before we had the full lineup. But we think those two came out even better after we did that.

  1. How did you narrow down the songs that you included on the EP?

   Wave Break: We had the songs chosen before we even started hashing them out as a full band. Since we’re an independent band with no label backing, we didn’t have a lot of budget to spend on extra songs for the album, so we went in knowing exactly which ones we’d use. It was pretty much based on how catchy or memorable the song was, or the quality of the lyrics. Then we put the best instrumental backing we could to each one.

  1. Do you have a favorite song?

   Wave Break: The favorite for all of us is pretty much unanimous; Plaster City, which is why that is the one we did the music video for. We also really like Circles, which is more pop punk than the other songs but is also very high energy during live shows.

  1. How would you describe your sound?

   Wave Break: It’s definitely a mixture of alternative rock and pop punk. Most of the time it’s fierce, energetic and unapologetic. We mix catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics with thick, loud guitars and drums. The production on this EP was done with a pretty raw approach – effects were kept to a minimum, so what’s on it is pretty much what you’ll hear at a live show.

  1. What can fans expect to hear?

   Wave Break: There’s one slower song on the EP which we don’t think everyone will be expecting, but we’ve been told by several friends that it’s their favorite. The rest are upbeat and energetic just like the two singles, with some leaning more pop punk while others lean more alt rock.

  1. When and where can fans purchase or stream the EP?

   Wave Break: It will be available everywhere on August 17th! iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp, you name it. It’s also available as a physical copy on our online merch store at wavebreak.bigcartel.com.

  1. Are you going on tour or doing anything to promote the EP?

   Wave Break: Yes! We’re playing shows in MA, NH, RI, CT, NJ and NY over a few weekends in late August to September directly following the EP release. Details can be found on our website wavebreakband.com. We’ll be playing the EP in full at these shows, and CDs and other merch will be available there too.

  1. What is something that most fans wouldn’t know about the band?

Wave Break: Only half of us are actually from Boston. Kelly is from NJ and Mike is from PA – they both moved here after college and formed the band afterwards.

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