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We recently had the chance to chat with Brookline about their upcoming single “Sinking”, recording their EP “Fade”, and more.

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  1. What was the recording process like for your new EP “Fade”?

We had had a lot of the music for these songs written before we went through some line up changes this past fall, so once Tommy got lyrics down and we made some minor edits to the songs to better fit his vocal range we were ready to hit the studio. From there Dae and I laid down guitar tracks over programmed drums, then Matt came in and added his bass lines, next Chris tracked all the live drums, and finally Tommy would record all the vocals with Dae doing some harmonies.-Mikey


  1. How did you choose “Sinking” as your single? What stood out to you?

Sinking just felt like the natural choice for us. Its high energy and catchy but the subject matter is really serious and personal. We felt it would be a good way to show people what we’re about and give a good overview of the general theme of this EP.-Mikey


  1. How did you narrow down the songs that you were going to include on the EP?

We didn’t really have to narrow down, as soon as we had a few good songs written musically we decided we would do a short EP that had a concept to it. We were pretty eager to get music recorded and released with our new lineup since our sound had changed a bit.-Mikey

  1. How will this project be different from others that you’ve worked on in the past?

The biggest difference between this and everything we’ve done previously is definitely the addition of a second guitar, and a new vocalist. Originally Dae was playing bass and we had a different singer, Cory Hebert. Adding Dae as second guitar and having Matt Spinner and Tommy Carter as part of our group now has definitely widened our range of influence.-Mikey


  1. What is a typical day like in the studio?

We like to go in early so there’s always large amounts of coffee involved, we typically do about 4-6 hours at a time depending on what we’re working on that day. We try to be as prepared as we can before we go in so everything is usually pretty relaxed and runs smooth.-Mikey


  1. What do you think fans are going to take away from the EP?

What we’d really hope fans get out of this EP, what we’ve really tried to communicate through it, is that even though you’ve done bad things or made mistakes in the past those things don’t need to define you for the rest of your life. The possibility for growth and redemption exists every day, you just need to look for it.-Mikey


  1. Will you be going on any tours or hosting any events to promote the EP?

No we will not.


  1. Where and when can fans purchase or listen to your music?

Sinking will be released on all platforms February 1st and the rest of the EP will be out February 22nd. All of our previous work is up on all platforms currently.-Mikey


  1. What are your social media handles?

Instagram: @brooklineband https://www.instagram.com/brooklineband/

Twitter: @brookline518 http://twitter.com/brookline518

Facebook: Brookline-NY https://m.facebook.com/Brookline518/

Youtube: Brookline https://youtu.be/9g0i8EtQNCg

Spotify: Brookline https://open.spotify.com/artist/



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