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Pop/punk band Allison & Moon recently released their new single “Puppy Love” on Valentine’s Day! Check out our interview below to find out more about the song!

  1. What inspired your new single “Puppy Love?”
  • Allison: I was inspired by a question my girlfriend asked me, “Do you think dogs can fall in love?” She asked me this when we were falling for each other, and the idea sparked in my head “maybe that’s why it’s called Puppy Love!” Regardless of if that is true or not, I liked the relation and the merging of those ideas.
  1. What is the song about?
  • Allison: The song is about when you are falling for somebody and you’re too nervous to say it. It feels energetic and exciting, at the same time a little anxiety producing.
  1. How is this single different from those that you’ve released in the past?
  • Allison: This single is a bit different in that all of us wrote on it. I wrote the guitar parts, then I brought it to Mike and Courtney to flesh out with drums and bass. Before, I wrote everything and had studio musicians help with filling out the songs. This was much more organic.
  1. Do you have any events coming up or anything you’re doing to promote the single?
  • Allison: Yes! We are having a single release show in Boston on 2/15, and that will kick off a mini-New England Tour.
  1. When and where can fans buy the song?
  • Allison: You can listen to the song anywhere you stream music! We also have it for sale on our bandcamp.
  1. What do you think makes you stand out from other artists?
  • Allison: I think our music feels a little bit like a throw back. We draw inspiration from a lot of mid-2000’s pop punk and emo artists. I think a lot of people have departed from that style of music, and we’re hoping to keep it alive.
  1. How would you describe your sound?
  • Allison: Power-pop-punk-emo music.
  1. Do you have any other upcoming projects?
  • Allison: We are currently writing, and we will be filling out a 5 song EP to release later this year. We’re also working on a music video to support Puppy Love!
  1. What are your social media platforms?

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