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  1. How did you get your start in the Entertainment Industry?

I got started in the Entertainment Industry being an Extra in Swinging Safari about 2 Years ago.  Prior years I was busy with my horses, I had a pony   when I was 4 years old and competed at Horse events. I also competed in American Style cheerleading for 6 years, which took me to Hawaii and America representing Australia. Swinging Safari gave me the drive to develop a passion for acting, so I moved on from cheerleading to have extra time to attend acting workshops, and to work in the industry where I can,  I still have my horses though.


  1. What was your first big Project?

I haven’t had a big project as yet. However I have just finished filming “Rise of The Animals” as a POC as the lead Role of Jess – written and Directed by James Hyams. Feature film to come.


  1. What was your Audition Process like for Rise Of The Animals?

My audition process was basically a phone call from James Hyams, which ended up being a face to face cold read.


  1. What was your reaction when you found out you booked the Part?

Of course I was very excited, and couldn’t wait to portray and develop my character.


  1. How would you describe your Character?

My character is Jess who is the oldest of the Smith family, she was always spoiled but didn’t trust many people. Jess was still immature and couldn’t listen to instructions. However things soon flipped around and she had to become a brave, fearless girl ready to save her family.


  1. What is the Movie about?

The Movie is a Sci Fi with Aliens coming to Earth in search of food source.The Aliens are a representation of Humans on Earth, and the story reflects on how some of our Farm animals are treated. My family meet strangers on the way, we are all trying to help each other survive, and fight back the Aliens who are hunting us.


  1. What has been your favorite memory from that project?

My favorite memory was a funny one, it was when a cast member tripped over and his ghillie suit came undone. It become a blooper as we all laughed so much when it happened. However adding to my memory is always the new film family you make.


  1. How are your Projects Beyond Truth and Operational Rainfall different from Rise Of The Animals?

Beyond Truth I am a Dance Teacher, and Operational Rainfall I am a Soldier, and are smaller roles. I am a lead in the Rise of the Animals Film – a 17 Year Old trying to protect myself, my family and others I meet along the way.  It is a very intense and emotional Sci Fi Film, and requires a lot of mental and physical requirements.


  1. When can Fans see your upcoming Projects?

My next upcoming project is a supporting Role in an Independent Feature Film which now has Global Distribution, and will be in production around mid of this Year. It’s still a little NDA at present, however there are at least 3 International Stars I will be working alongside.


  1. What do you enjoy doing when your not working?

When I’m not working I love going to the beach with my dogs and friends. I love exercising like riding my horse and stunt practice.


  1. What are your Social Media Handles?

On IMDB – Ellyse Gough

     AGENT – Kristy Howell, Howell Management

     Facebook – Ellyse Gough Actor

     Insta – ellysegough

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