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  1. How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?


Acting and modeling began at the age of four just by chance. My family and I just happen to be eating at a Barbeque restaurant where I was asked to be in a commercial they were shooting that day! Becoming a singer kind of happened the same way. While auditioning as a dancer for AMTC they asked me to sing at the audition and they picked me! Next step was to perform in Orlando, Florida in front of VIPs and a huge audience and won the VIP Choice Award. Signed with an artist developer and haven’t looked back entertainment and the stage is where I belong and I’m enjoying the journey.

2. What was the first big project you worked on?


It doesn’t sound that big but looking back and being so young it was huge for me. Kidz Bop was auditioning dancers for their music video and commercial so getting selected for that opportunity was a big deal for me. Being on set and with so many artists was so much fun and something I’ll never forget. 

3. How would you describe your sound?

It’s always hard as an artist to describe your own sound. Others kind of describe it as smooth pop/rock with a heartbeat style on life. 

4. Who are your musical inspirations?


There are so many artists that are great but I still say Justin Bieber. Most people don’t see or understand the countless hours in the studio, choreography, rehearsals, and time away from home that goes into all this. He’s accomplished a lot at a young age, it’s a work ethic to admire and compare myself to at this stage in my life.

5. What is it like getting to work music producer Zak Lloyd?

First, I feel extremely blessed to work with Zack Lloyd! He’s not only an amazing Nashville/Los Angeles music producer he’s an extremely talented musician. He’s just the best to work with he understands my style and believes in me, plus his British accent is way cool!
6. How would you describe the atmosphere in the studio? Very laid back, comfortable, and just a place where we have a lot of fun. We seriously do have fun it’s always exciting going into the studio. 

7. What can you tell us about your upcoming single “Pick Your Life?”

This single is just where I am in life and so many other people as well. Figuring out who you are is important, there are so many people telling you how to do it, who you need to look like, how hard you need to work, but it can take away the joy of just being you. Listen to yourself, have fun, and PICK YOUR OWN LIFE 

8. When can fans purchase and or stream it?


Pick Your Life is set to release via all digital retailers on February 28th! It is also currently available for pre-sale:




Apple Music


  1. Do you have an EP in the works as well?


Yes! Working with my team Mary Simmons(Marygold) and Zak Lloyd in Los Angeles and so excited to share what we have been working on. Check back soon will be posting more about it on social media.

10. Do you have any other projects you’d like to share with your fans?

Not able to share anything right now just working on my second ep with music producer Zak Lloyd. Filming a crime series in Texas now, and you can catch me soon on a popular game show this month so stay tuned!

11. What are your social media handles

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