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  1. What inspired your recent single “Nobody’s Nothing”? / What is the song about?

I really wanted to write a song I believe anyone can relate to. Itʼs essentially about how hard it is to find the right person. Iʼve been through a lot of relationships over the past years and they always seemed to end the same way. I was constantly obsessing over what I was doing wrong and what I needed to change when in reality it just wasnʼt the right person.“ We think too much, We feel too little” is the driving message behind this song. In my personal experience I always overthink everything and ignored what it really was I was feeling. Everything is always perfect at the start and that is a wholesome beautiful feeling and I felt I needed someone/that feeling to feel complete. It wasnʼt until this past year where I realized I was perfectly fine and happy on my own and that was an eye opening feeling to have. I realized I needed to stop trying so hard to find something that I wasnʼt ready to find. I needed to be happy with myself. Once I gained that mentality, everything started falling into place naturally.


  1. What was the writing and recording process like?

I wrote the instrumental for this song first and dabbled around with melodies and lyrics. I usually like to write mostly before bed. After I have a skeleton, I take the song to the studio and we really flesh out solid ideas that turn into my songs!


  1. How would you describe the song in three words?

Fresh, Indie, Pop


  1. How is this song different from those you’ve released in the past?

“Nobody’s Nothing is more of an R&B influenced track rather than Pop. It also mostly focuses on putting yourself first rather than being hard on yourself.


  1. What has the fan reaction been like to the single so far?

It has been very positive and supportive! I hope to keep growing with every song I release!


  1. Do you have an EP or a full-length album to release soon?

I do plan on releasing an EP in May! Be on the lookout!


  1. Are you currently working on any other projects your fans can look forward to?

I plan to release a new single mid March-April and an EP in May!


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