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What was the audition process like for “Victor and Valentino”?

I had received the audition for Victor one fateful afternoon after school. After going in to record a character whose voice I tried my best to match I received a callback in around 2 days. I went to Cartoon Network studios to read Victor in front of producers, my wonderful booth director, and the big man himself Diego Molano. I can say this now, but despite the amount of practice the days before the callback my voice wasn’t the Victor they needed. I would later find out that was more true than I thought. After my callback I was told that I did a good job and I was thanked. A little while later, as in later that same day, I was given another callback but now for Valentino. I was ecstatic and spent every waking moment preparing and practicing. When I went in I was nervous and confident at the same time. The callback went a lot better than the one I did for Victor. I would find out later the next night that I had booked the role of Valentino. To that little bit of foreshadowing I made earlier I found out from the big man himself that even when he heard me do my Vic audition and even more so when he met me he heard Val in my voice.

What was your reaction when you found out you booked the part?

The house was on fire with joy. I mean even after the callback spirits and moods were high because just making it as far along as I did during the audition process was something worth celebrating. Yet when my mom got that email from my oh so beloved agent that I had booked the role of Val everyone’s spirits were soaring past the clouds and into space. It was amazing and I as well as my family who has supported me down the 10 year journey of my career so far felt amazing.

How would you describe the show? The show follows Victor and Valentino as they stay with their wonderful and kind grandma over the summer in the small, quaint, and supernatural town of Monte Macabre. We follow the rash daredevil Victor and the more careful book-smart Valentino on wacky adventures that tend to involve Mesoamerican monsters, myths, legends, and otherworldly beings.

How are you similar to your character?

Val and I share a lot of similarities we are both book smart, have a collection of coins(mine isn’t as impressive as his), and we both have brothers who help us overcome our shortcomings and come out of our shells. The more episodes I record as Val the more similarities come out and those make for some very funny moments that you will just have to watch when the show comes out March 30th.

How did you prepare for the role?

I prepared for this role by watching the short that was on Youtube. From there I read the script over and over creating my takes on both Victor, who I auditioned for first, then Valentino. Once on the show I prepare for each episode by reading the script and going through the storyboard to learn how to best convey each line in the moment.

What was your favorite episode to film?

All episodes have their own fantastic moments yet I especially love larger episodes where the cast gets together. To pick a favorite though I would have to say-wait no I can not say. What I can say is that it may or may not involve a real magician.

How is this project different from those you’ve worked on in the past?

The main difference that stands out above all others is the way we record. Almost every project I worked on before V&V I would record my character alone in the booth but in V&V the cast for each episode records together and that has been a lot of fun.

Do you prefer voice or on-screen acting?

I prefer voice-acting over on screen acting. The community that exists is just amazing, full of kind, wise, and welcoming people on both the recording and creation side of things. To also tell that truth I hold voice over close to my heart as it is how I got into the business as well.

When and where can fans watch the show?

On March 30th 4, 15 minute episodes of Victor and Valentino will be shown. Currently there are 2 of the 4 episodes on the Cartoon Network app right now and the other 2 will come out as well on March 30th.

Do you have any other upcoming projects?

I actually do have 2 self-made projects in the works that I am going to be very secretive about. One is closer to coming out than the other but both shall be shrouded in secrecy hehehehehehe

What are your social media handles?

Instagram…@seanryanpetersen Twitter…@seanryanMLP

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