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1. What made you want to enter the entertainment industry?

From a even young age I was inspired by actors and how they use their platforms to bring upon productive change to the world. I have always strived to be a leader. My entire life I have learned, trained, and honed leadership skills. I participated in many associations that help me develop these skills. I was in Boy Scouts since I was 8 and earned my Eagle Scout rank at 15. I participated in JROTC in my junior year and lettered that year in Raider Challenge which is a physically demanding team sport offered through the JROTC program. In 2014 I raised my hand and swore into the US Army Reserve and have done a total of 5 years. I was born and raised to lead. I gathered many experiences from my variety of employment and associations. I want to take those experiences and share how I can benefit the community, the nation, and the world. I want the world to live these experiences.

2. Who/what inspires you?

My late Aunt Kara who passed this past February to stage 4 cancer. She has always been my ultimate inspiration. She was always someone I could count on to keep me grounded in truth. She always motivated me to perceive big dreams. She increasingly encouraged me to keep dreaming bigger. I shared every last opportunity that I received with her. No matter what it was, big or small, it always seemed like she would throw me my own little party in response to the news.

3. What was it like getting to work on “Killing Kate”?

Killing Kate was my first large scale project. I was invited by Producer Chad Homan after starring in a play with him. I played a character named Remnar Soady son of Chad’s character, Albert Soady. Chad and I spoke of my dreams for my future in film and he extended me an opportunity to work as a production assistant for his movie. He also extended an acting opportunity to perform a role in the restaurant scenes. This was my first taste of working in the film industry. I was immediately thrown into the arena and had increasing expectations of me as both a PA and as a character. The intense moments of living in the flesh of this character and perceiving the world that he lived in was thrilling. I ate this stuff up.

4. What is the project about?

This project was Producer and Director Matt Sconce’s Proof of Concept Thriller about a woman taking back her power from an abusive situation, from an abusive person. Matt is seeking to develop this into a feature soon.

5. How would you describe your character?

My character is one of the patrons enjoying dinner with his date at this elegant restaurant. My character is well aware of Johnny (a principle antagonist) being part of the Kato family. I am very involved and benefit in a symbiotic nature from Johnny’s occupation and role as a drug kingpin. As the situation in the restaurant gets out of hand I refuse to get involved or pay too much attention for Johnny maintains the upper hand. I also dont want to lose benefits of status with the Kato family nor do I want to be taken out for opposing.

6. What did you learn most from that experience?

As I mentioned, this being my first large scale project, this was my opportunity to witness all the dynamics of filmmaking. I increased my skills on and off camera.

7. Did anyone offer any advice or words of wisdom?

Many people on set gave me advice. I sat with the principles and we conversed on many topics. They also engaged me on my goals and aspirations as a filmmaker and actor. One of them told me to be very cautious about how I treat people on and off set. You never known when you’ll meet them again down the line. The film industry is a small world and there are opportunities to work with the same people on different projects.

8. What is your dream role?

My dream role is to play in a James Bond film. I grew up watching Bond with my parents. My parents loved them and I shared that same love. I also dream to play a role as a cop or even a soldier. Being a soldier I naturally want to portray that life and those experiences with an audience.

9. Do you have any other upcoming projects you’d like to share with us?

At the moment I have some projects underway. Two projects unnamed and being adapted to screenplay currently one of which I will be producing and directing. The other I will be playing the principle protagonist role as a detective. I will be sharing more of this role in the future as the film comes closer to production.

10. What are your social media accounts?
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