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1. How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

When I was 7 years old Heidi Klum had an open casting call for Seriously Funny Kids at my then private school of 230 students. I was the only one to get the callback it was exciting and I had a blast

2. What was your first big project? Dairy Queen National Commercial

3. What has been your favorite project to work on so far and why?

I would have to say NC-16, it was a lot of fun filming, my character was the catalyst which made it challenging and I was fortunate enough to work on the project with some of my friends.

4. How do you think you’ve improved as an actor from the time of your first project?

I think I have improved immensely, the stage fright is now gone which makes much easier to focus on the character I am portraying.

5. What is the biggest thing you’ve learned or the best piece of advice you’ve received? If your not having fun, your in the wrong business.

6. What can you tell us about “Emergency: LA”?

Emergency LA is still in pre-production what I play David Deacon a key latch kid, it’s an action/drama.

7. What are you looking forward to most about that project?

Working with a great cast and crew.

8. What is your dream role?

My dream role would be to work with Travis Fimmel (Vikings) in a Western film.

9. Are you working on any other projects you’d like to share with us?

At the moment I have a few projects in post production.

10. What are your social media platforms?


Twitter: @Norton_Leufven

Facebook: Norton Leufven

Instagram: @Norton_Leufven

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