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We recently had the chance to chat with upcoming artist Luciana Zogbi about how she got her start in the entertainment industry as a young adult, songwriting, and more! Check it out below.

1. How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?
I’ve always loved all forms of artistic expression since a very young age (singing, dancing, acting…etc) . I started singing in musical theatre when I was about 10 and never stopped since, but I did it just as a hobby. It wasn’t until I was in college that I started considering pursuing an artistic career. I posted my first video on YouTube thinking only my family and friends would watch it, but to my surprise it went viral and people from all over the world were encouraging me to continue posting – so I did. And that’s how I started my career. 

2. What was your reaction when you noticed that your “All of Me” cover had gone viral?
I think it was at that moment that I truly realized how amazing and powerful the internet is. It allowed me, a random girl somewhere in Brazil, to sing to millions of people around a globe. It’s like I was given this magical stage that transcends physical borders and has no maximum seating capacity. 

3. Did that inspire you to want to post more covers and music?
Definitely! So many people in the comment section were encouraging me to keep posting and that motivated me to grow my channel and start releasing my own original music. 

4. How would you describe your sound?
Alternative Pop/Indie with some Rock elements. 

5. What was the writing and recording process like for “Down By The River”?
I was inspired to write “Down by The River” after a trip to Greece, where I first came in contact with the legend of Charon – the ferryman of Hades. According to Greek mythology, Charon carries the souls of the newly deceased across the river that divides the world of the living and the dead. A coin to pay Charon for passage was put in or on the mouth of the dead during burial. If they were buried without one, they were doomed to roam the river shore for 100 years. When I returned from my trip, I decided to write a song about one of these unfortunate souls who got buried without a coin and had to stay in “limbo”.

6. What is the concept behind the song and the music video?
The main concept I play with throughout this song is irony. The lyrics are almost humorously tragic: Imagine you were doomed to spend 100 years roaming the river shore because you couldn’t pay for passage and you still have to hear from the prophets you encounter that this was all made “for you”. The irony of our poor soul’s predicament is not only expressed by the lyrics but also by the juxtaposition of a tragic story with a happy harmony. I composed the song using mostly major chords which give the song a “happy feeling”, as if this song is the song being sung by the prophets to our character. 
When it came to the music video, the director and I decided we wanted to portray a sense of loneliness that ties in well with the idea of being stuck in limbo. To do that, we decided to have only one character in the video, that roams in solitude through some different landscapes. We also decided to insert drone shots that capture the immensity of the landscape, especially when juxtaposed to our “small” subject. 

7. Where can fans listen to your music?  My music is available on all major digital platforms. (Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Deezer…etc) 

8. Do you have any other upcoming projects you’d like to share with us?
So many new singles and music videos! Can’t wait to share them with you! 

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