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1) Who are your inspirations
A: mariah carey, miley cyrus, selena gomez & demi lovato are def my inspirations.

2) When did you start singing?
A:  ive been singing for as long as i can remember

3) What are your favorite sports?
A:I actually played soccer & volleyball on my schools team last year. it was a blast. definitely want to do it again soon! 🙂

4) What is some advice you have?
A: I know it sounds super cheesy, but follow your dreams. you really have to believe in yourself to make them happen!

5)  What made you want to become a singer?
A:  I have always loved singing ever since I was little. Its just been my biggest passion/motivator.. as well as a great help

6)  Pasta or pizza?
A:Definitely pizza.

7:  What was it like touring with Cody Simpson, Greyson Chance and One Direction?
A: Touring with @codysimpson &@greysonchance was a great experience. they taught me a lot.. especially when it came to pranking.

8: NY or LA?
A: Hmm.. NY or LA. I love them both equally. LA is cool cause the beach. And NY I have family there.


Camryn is a super sweet and talented girl and make sure you check out all of her amazing songs!!!

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