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1. What is it like working on Big Time Rush?

Well I’ve know these boys since before they were Big Time Rush. I’ve known them the producers had come up with the name “Big Time Rush”….so working with them is like hanging with the four younger brothers I never had. They are like family. Now and then I get a glimpse of what their lives are like now and it’s really neat. We spend most of our days on a closed set, making each other laugh, so when I see them in concert in front of 50,000 screaming fans it’s a trip!
2. What was your favorite episode to film of Big Time Rush?
I love them all but my favorites are Big Time Superheros because I got to fly and The Xmas special because I got to chill with my old friends Fabio and Snoop. Also I gotta say Big Time Beach Party was a blast. I loved living in Malibu for two weeks….and chilling with Russell Brand wasn’t bad either.
3. What is your favorite Giant Creature T shirt ?
Well I don’t really have a favorite. I work with designers and artists for months on each piece so it’s hard to pick. But off hand I’d say ” I’m Amazing” “Mechanical Creature” “Zombie Guerrilla” “10,000 leagues” and “Creature Hands”. Some of my favorites haven’t even come out yet. Wait till you see what’s next!!!
4. What was your first entertainment role?As a kid I was in “The Music Man” at a local high school. I loved making people laugh from a young age. But my first real acting tv job was Last Comic Standing on NBC and then i played Rusty on a few episodes of Carpoolers on ABC.
5. What is some advice you have ?
Always remember that Success is a very personal thing and not everyone measures it the same way. Money or your job should not define you. Let your life, your friends and family do that.

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