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We recently chatted with Grown Ups 2 star Ada-Nicole Sanger. We spoke with her about her role in Grown Ups 2, what it was like working on the film, her first project and more. Make sure to check out the interview below and make sure to check out Grown Ups 2 when it hits theaters this Friday! 

1. How did you get your start in acting? 

          When I was younger, I used to love watching all the old Hollywood classics with Bob Hope, Bing Crosby or Gene Kelly.  Those films are so beautiful and the performers were so incredibly talented.  I sing and dance as well, and I wanted to emulate them.  A talent scout spotted me at a local singing competition and later entered me into an acting/singing competition in New York.  I won or placed in all my categories and the casting directors, agents and managers encouraged me to come to California.  So I did and it’s been a crazy but wonderful experience.  

2. What was your first project? 

          My first project was a commercial for TLC Life Lessons.

3. What was your favorite project you’ve worked on? 

          Grown Ups was my favorite project, because it was such a fun and exciting experience.  I learned so much about all the work that goes into a film and everything that happens off-screen too.  Since it was my first time, everything was astounding.  I couldn’t have asked for a better first project-everyone at Happy Madison was inviting and hilarious and just great to work with.  It was a great environment especially for all of the kids in the film.

4. What was it like working on Grown Ups 2? 

          Grown Ups 2 was like a family reunion-we had become so close and comfortable with each other on the first one, it was fantastic to be with them all again.  Adam Sandler always uses his friends in his movies, it’s like finding “Where’s Waldo” when watching them.  There are also many new cast members like Shaquille O’Neal, Taylor Lautner, Alexander Ludwig, The Lonely Island and a ton of SNL alumni.  I am thrilled to be in his first sequel.

5. How would you describe your character? 

          I would have to say Donna Lamonsoff is impeccably self-confident and marches to the beat of her own drum.  She’s outgoing and a bit off-beat.  She’s definitely matured since the first film- she no longer throws hissy fits or cake.  She loves her family no matter what they do.  And she’s also a very uplifting and supportive friend.

6. What was your favorite scene to film? 

          That’s a tough one. I’d probably say there are two. The first one I got to do a bunch a kooky cheerleading for (Keithie) Cameron Boyce and Adam, and the other was with Shaq, Kevin James, and David Spade. It was hilarious because Shaq jumps on a diving board, which breaks and he made a HUGE splash.

7. What was your favorite part about getting to work with the cast and crew? 

          My favorite part was getting to see everyone again.  I hadn’t seen many of them in three years, so it was sweet to reunite. Happy Madison is basically a family that makes blockbusters together. Plus, everyone on set was downright hilarious.

8. Do you have any other upcoming projects ? 

          This summer I am looking forward to promoting Grown Ups 2 and going to the premiere in NYC.  I am still looking for projects, but I am enjoying time with family and friends.  I am currently learning how to make films myself, and will be focusing on animation this year.

9. Do you have anything you want to say to your fans who have been supporting you? 

          Honestly, they are the best, and without them, I wouldn’t be here.  Thank you for always cheering me on, it always helps me keep going when I start feeling down.  Much love!

10. Do you have any social networking accounts where your fans can stay connected with you? 

You can always find me at my website adanicolesanger.com, but as far as social media, I am still warming up to it.  I do have a new Twitter account @ANSanger, which I hope to use more in the future.

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