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We recently had the chance to speak with actor Brandon Tyler Russell. He spoke to us about his new DVD feature Wiener Dog Nationals, his favorite actors and more. Check out the interview below! 

1. How did you get your start in acting? 
At around 3 years old I started asking my mom how I could get INSIDE the TV. I also started repeating lines over and over from my favorite movies. She thought it was a phase. After a year of asking her how to get inside the tv, she decided to finally submit my photos to an agent in Chicago. They then called me in for a meeting & signed me shortly after that.
2. What was your first project? 
My first acting gig was a commercial for TONKA TRUCKS. I was 4 years old!  
3. Who are your favorite actors/actresses? 
My favorite is Johnny Depp!!! I also like Logan Lerman, Jason Statham, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jensen Ackles, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, and Helena Bonham-Carter.
4. Can you tell us about your DVD feature that released on July 2? 
Wiener Dog Nationals is a family film about a family that adopts a wiener dog & enters it into the Wiener Dog Races!! I play Ronny and have a small scene with my friend, Austin Anderson, who plays Skip. The neat thing about working on Wiener Dog Nationals is that it is my 2nd film with Jason London. My first one was Smitty (also starring Peter Fonda, Mira Sorvino, Louis Gossett Jr., and Booboo Stewart). That film was released April 10, 2012.
5. What is your favorite project you’ve worked on and why? 
Smitty will always hold a special place in my heart because it was my first major film role. I learned from a group of very talented people, including: Director, David Mickey Evans (from Sandlot), Peter Fonda, Mira Sorvino, and Louis Gossett Jr. I also had a really fun time filming Tosh.0 because Daniel Tosh is so funny & I already watched the show prior to my booking.
6. If you weren’t an actor what do you think you would be doing now? 
Well, I would also love to be a writer and/or director someday. But, outside the entertainment world I would love to study to become a paleontologist or a chef.
7. What is your favorite television show?
 I actually have a few that I really enjoy: Dexter, The Walking Dead, Bates Motel, Supernatural, Breaking Bad, Teen Wolf, and The Following. On the lighter side of things, I also enjoy: Friends, Modern Family, The George Lopez Show, The Exes, and Justice League.
8. Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to become an actor like yourself? 
Never give up, always believe in yourself, and don’t let anything or anyone get you down!!
9. Do you have any social networking accounts? If so, what are they? Facebook Fan Page is: BrandonTylerRussell, Twitter & Instagram are both: @IllinoisActor

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