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 1. How did you get your start in acting?   When I was 10, I started acting in community theater Right after that I was signed by Ford Models in Phoenix where I landed my first commercial acting job/  From there I continued to book print, independent films and commercial work, but we soon realized I needed to get to Los Angeles if I wanted to work on television. When I was 12, we moved to LA and that’s when my acting goals really picked up.

2. What is it like being on “The Fosters?”  Being on The Fosters has completely changed my life and how I view people and society.  The show’s creators are so passionate about the story lines and everyone is so talented and nice, it has been an amazing experience. I feel very lucky to have landed such an important part.

3. What was your favorite part of this current season?   My favorite scene in Season 2 would be the movie-theatre, pinky scene.  It was actually a scene that took a lot of thought to make come out so good.  Everything from my breathing rate, to how I held my mouth, and eyes – every part of my body had to become nervous to be able to convey the emotions a 13 year would actually have during such an exciting but terrifying moment.  We took a ton of takes at different angles of our hands, and even how we breathed in and out.  But overall my favorite part of this season has been the response of the fans and how they have embraced Jude/Connor and everything these friends represent.   Amazing to viewers open up about their personal life and experiences, and how we have given them hope that everything in their life will be ok, that they have a change to be normal – that one day they won’t be looked at differently or disseminated against because they are gay or questioning. 

4. What can fans expect to see from the season finale?   The finale, will yet again, peel another layer off the Jude and Connor friendship. We will see more raw emotions, face Connors dad and of course gear up the audience for Season 3.

5. Are you working on any other projects at the moment?  I am actually loving my time off right now and playing a lot of club soccer and taking a heavy load of high-school classes. So besides getting ready for The Fosters to start filming the first week of April, I am auditioning, and working hard on getting a movie.

6. What are your social media accounts?   Instagram thegavinmacintosh  and Twitter is @GavinMacIntosh


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