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1.      How did you get your start in the entertainment industry? 

Damon Marks: I worked hard at being the best I could as a guitarist first and foremost. Then from years of hard work, networking and meeting the right people I was able to work with big name celebrities as a guitarist. From there I let my talent do the talking, I was referred around often after that.


2.     You’re a major advocate for music education. Why is that important to you? 

Damon Marks: I recall that music helped me through tough times when I was a child.  “It helped me find my friends and get involved and ease the pain I was going through.  If I hadn’t found music, fellow band mates and fans, I might have found drugs or alcohol or who knows what else.  I want kids today to have that same chance to connect to music in such a meaningful, creative way.”


3.     Do you play any instruments?

Damon Marks: Yes I play the Electric, Acoustic and Classical guitar. I also play bass guitar when needed. 


4.     What was it like getting to go to schools and give children the gift of music?

Damon Marks: It’s a true blessing being able to give music back to schools, students and communities in need. Music is so universal, it makes up a huge part of all of our every day lives. Being able to go into a school that has nothing and give them brand new guitars, amplifiers, instrument cables and various types of percussion is priceless. On top of that the school gets an 8 to 9 week guitar curriculum that I created alongside Jazz guitarist Rob Michael that offsets the school from having to spend any money.  It has such a positive impact on students along with the social and interactive benefits. 


5.     Many of our viewers know you from High School Musical. What was it like working on that project?

Rachel Lorin: I was the youngest cast member in the world premiere of Disney’s HS musical 1 and 2 stage productions and it was an amazing experience. Zac Effron was really nice and the stage settings and special effects in a live show were beyond awesome. I loved the music and the entire cast and made life long friends. The show had a positive message and was received so well by kids of all ages.


6.     Do you have any other upcoming projects you would like to inform your fans about?

Damon Marks: I just released an amazing EP titled “Back To Good”. It’s very pop punk / warped tour type music which the kids can greatly connect with today. It’s up on ITunes and Amazon.


Rachel Lorin: I will be starring in a new tv series as a vampire hunter called NJ Gothic/nightlife. My character name is Raven and filming begins first of April, will be airing on a major cable network. Currently working on my first album to be released sometime this summer. Touring and performing throughout the east coast and south through the summer. 



7.      What are your social media accounts?

Damon Marks:





Rachel Lorin:




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