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Daylight Sucks developed by telenovela star Katie Barberi (Dona Barbara; Eva la trailera, actor Craig Hurley, and producer Mauricio Toro released Christmas Day. Daylight Sucks follows the adventures of the Alnwicks family – a group of vigilante vampires dedicated to seeking justice for various social issues, including: animal rights, environmental protections, bullying, and LGBT issues, among others. While the Alnwicks deliver judgement, vengeance and violence in Daylight Sucks, there is also the star-crossed, seemingly impossible, bilingual love story of Esperanza Martínez. Her quest for a better life north of the Mexican border and to find the father she has never known leads her to the unexpected. Will her world collide with that of the Alnwicks?
In Issue #2, as our young heroine, beautiful, brave undocumented immigrant Esperanza Martinez (visually inspired by the stunning Alexa Pomales) continues her quest for a better life north of the Mexican border, we discover that back in her native Mexico City, she leaves behind a sad mother named Estela (visually inspired by the lovely, talented Maite Embil). We also meet one of the Alnwick clan members, whose presence in Esperanza’s life may be vital to her survival.
The new issue is available at www.daylightsucks.com.

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