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1. How did you get your start in acting?

I’ve wanted to act as long as I can remember, probably since I started watching live action television shows. I wanted to do what the kids were doing on my favorite shows.  My parents were not so quick to say ‘yes’ though.  Pursuing a tv and film career is a huge commitment and my parents wanted to be sure that it wasn’t just a whim- I was four, after all.  So the compromise was community theater.  I loved acting immediately and continued acting in plays until I was ten. It was then that my current agent saw a showcase I did for my acting class.  Fast forward to now, and he is still my agent!

2. What was your first project?

My first booking was a national commercial for Comcast.  With no experience, I went straight to a big budget, SAG commercial with really seasoned commercial actors.  It was pretty surreal! The actors who played my parents and the actor who played the ‘Comcast Guy’ were so incredibly professional, supportive and respectful.  I was the only kid on the set and they treated me like a little adult, I thought if this is what it’s like to be on a set, I’m all in. As a child actor you are surrounded by many adults, and although you are a kid, and play a kid, there is so much opportunity to learn from the adults.  It’s like having built-in teachers and role models. There’s nothing like work experience!

3. What is your favorite part about acting?

My favorite part is when I’m working. An actor’s life is mostly auditioning and training- lots of it. It’s like a job interview all the time. The goal is to book a part so that you can do what you love to do. Performing for an audience, and moving them or making them laugh or cry is what we live to do. Because of that, I actually enjoy my time between jobs- auditioning and acting classes. Auditions give you the opportunity to perform for casting directors, producers, directors and network executives. Acting classes also allow you to act- for your coach and the other students. I wouldn’t trade my life for the world.  I believe most actors do it for these reasons, they don’t go into it to become rich and famous. Of course if you do get to that level as an actor, it comes with the territory and hopefully you use your celebrity for good in the world.

4. How did you land your role on “Stuck in the Middle”?

It happened fast, which is of course the best way! The show was already picked up to series when I auditioned for the part of Ellie. They were getting ready to re-shoot the pilot episode because they had made a few changes since the original pilot.  I got the audition from my agents and manger just like any other audition, I learned the lines and prepared as best I could based on Ellie’s character description.  Looking back, it turns out the writers and producers had a really clear vision of Ellie because she is still pretty spot on as they described her for the auditions- sweet, eager, funny, quirky, loyal BFF and biggest fan of Harley Diaz (Jenna Ortega). So I went on the audition and I felt pretty good about it.  I thought I did well and the casting director seemed pretty happy too.  But you never know, there are so many factors involved in casting that try to go in, do your best, hope for a callback and then try to forget about it. The

following week I did get a callback, which usually means the producers are there, sometimes the director and writer and sometimes the network. Again things seemed to go well.  I think I booked it the next day, which is kind of unusual.  I wasn’t expecting to have an answer that quickly, so when my parents came to school to pick me up (together, which was totally weird) I knew something was up.  I screamed, jumped up and down, cried and laughed all right there in the school parking lot. Mind blown moment!

5. What is it like getting to be part of the Disney family?

Disney Kid, what else is there to say?  It’s probably every kid actor’s dream job.  What I wasn’t prepared for was such a sweet surprise- and that’s the fans.  Disney’s fan base is so loyal and so incredibly enthusiastic.  It’s hard to describe the feeling of being loved and supported by so many people that you haven’t actually met.  We shot the pilot on location at a school in Los Angeles while the kids were actually in school. They were so genuinely interested in what we were doing, so respectful and so excited.  It was an awesome experience having sort of a live audience watching us work.  Since then, I am amazed and grateful everyday for the fans that follow the show and follow us on social media. They are so involved and so supportive and I want them to know that we do it all for them, and we wouldn’t be where we are without them.

6. How would you describe your character?

Ellie is my favorite person, real or fictional- I would love to have her as my best friend. The writers have created such a lovable and relatable character in Ellie.  She is Harley’s (Jenna Ortega) best friend and biggest cheerleader, Ellie would do anything for Harley.  Ellie, an only child, lives next door to the Diazes with her over-the-top-protective mom. There are seven kids in the Diaz family and never a dull or quiet moment, which is just the way Ellie likes it.  It’s hilarious to watch her sneak adventures (and junk food!) next door until she inevitably is found out by her mom. It’s such a fun part to play because there is always craziness involved, but the show still manages to have some sweet, touching moments between Ellie and Harley.  It’s a very cute friendship.


7. What is a typical day like on set?

It’s my favorite kind of day!  We arrive and either go directly to the school room or directly into hair and make up, depending on the shooting schedule.  Breakfast can be in either one of those places. The production crew on a set is so well organized, that the actors don’t have to worry about where to go next. There are crew members whose responsibly it is to make sure the actors are where they should be every minute of the day.  So basically we move around all day between school and set several times, which lunch in between.  We also have an outdoor area that we use as a sort of school yard to run around in after lunch.  We usually eat quickly so we can go play. Typical kids!


8. What can fans expect to see from the show in 2018?

Well that’s a tricky question for two reasons.  First, we like to surprise the fans in terms of story lines, and secondly, we don’t know ahead of time what the writers have in store because we don’t see a script until the week before we shoot the episode. Also, we are still in the middle of shooting season three now, which will air this year.  What I can tell you so far, is that Ellie and Harley’s friendship is still going strong!


9. Do you have any upcoming projects in 2018?

There is a cool new possibility for a project that could be very exciting, but because it is in such an early stage I can’t say too much.  It’s a long process from creating and idea to getting picked up to series or getting a movie distributed, I have a new-found respect for everyone involved. Here’s hoping…wish me luck!


10. What are your goals for 2018?

Well I’m hoping to rock pilot season this year, so after enjoying the holidays with my family and friends I’m going to put my focus back on training and working with my coach to prepare for the wild ride that is pilot season.  Can’t wait! I also look forward to continuing my other passion, which is working with great organizations to make our world a better place for humans and animals.  I work with FREE2LUV to bring awareness to anti-bullying and educate those who could show a little bit more kindness to others. Another group I love partnering with is Nail and Bone, a company that makes nail polish for people while helping to cure animal homelessness.  I also have a friend, Grace Rose, a fourteen year old fashion designer, who started her clothing line and foundation, Rosie G, to help fund research to find a cure for cystic fibrosis.  I feel honored to work with these amazing people who over the years I can now call my friends.

In 2018 I hope to become more involved with the movement to help feed the hungry.  It has been on my mind lately and I want to do more.  My mom always keeps snacks in the car for when we see people on the side of the road hoping for food donations.  It’s a small thing, and I want do do bigger things to make sure nobody is hungry, especially kids.


11. What are your social media accounts?

Instagram:  @lululambros

Twitter: @lululambros

Facebook: lululambros

Snapchat: luluberrypie

Musical.ly:  lululambros


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