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We recently had the chance to chat with the hip hop duo PRTTY BOYS. During the interview they talked about becoming a duo, their new single “Cop Car”, their upcoming album, and more!
1. How did you form as a duo?
Johnie B: We met at the Clive Davis Institute and were roommates in college. Senior year we started talking about moving to LA after graduation. 
Once we were reunited, Spadez started producing a ton of new instrumentals. He would show me what he’s working on—we were getting back into our college rhythm where we play each other music and get advice on what we could add, what we should change etc. So as a vocalist and songwriter, when he would play me these fire instrumentals I would immediately start having lyric and melody ideas. This is how our first single “Cop Car” came to be and we went from there.
Spadez: FACTS.
2. How would you describe your sound?
Johnie B: It sounds like you’re in Beverly Hills taking a dip in the pool 
Spadez:  As far as production, I mix my Bay Area influences with what I’ve learned from all the artists I’ve worked with and the different genres I’ve experienced. Musically, I’ve messed with every genre besides country (so far), and I take the best aspects of everything to make the best music I possibly can. As far as writing/lyrics go, for this project especially, I tried to make my verses like mini choruses. Meaning I wanted every line to get stuck in your head. 
We made this album entirely by ourselves while most artists doing the a similar style have multiple outside writers, producers, engineers, etc. so it’s 100% authentically us. And in general, I’m just one of those types of people where if I see someone using my style, I have to switch things up so I’m on my own wave and can be my own individual.
3. What inspired your new single “Cop Car”?
Johnie B: The wild times we had in New York and LA that may or may not have involved the Po-lice. Shhh.
Spadez: THAT PART. It’s out everywhere now so definitely go give that a listen or 10,000.
4. What was the recording process like?
Spadez: Easy peezy. We do everything ourselves so it’s cool not having to wait on anyone else. I put the instruments together and then we figure out the hook and topic of the song. Then it’s a lot of fine tuning everything. I like to record my vocals at the end because I have to focus on each part individually and I need to give 100% to each part.
Johnie B: We basically pass stems back and forth until it’s finished, so it’s PRTTY dope that we’re just down the hall from each other.


5. What can you tell us about your upcoming album “The Juice Factory”? 
Spadez: It’s 18 songs of pure SLAPS!
Johnie B: Dropping this May and we have more singles on the way.
6  What is your favorite song off of the album?
Spadez: Honestly, they’re all equal in my mind. But if I HAVE to choose I’d say it’s either “Bae” or “Taste”.
Johnie B: It depends on how I’m feeling but right now I’m gonna go with “Real” and “Citrus.”
7. Did you collaborate with any other artists on the album?
Johnie B: Not for this one, we wanted to explore our own sound for the debut project.
Spadez: But we’ve already started working with a couple other artists for the next.
8. When and where can fans listen or buy the album?
Spadez: The albums comes out in May, and fans can listen to it on the streaming service of their choice! Anywhere you can listen to music is where it’ll be.
9. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
Spadez: Most of the time I’m working on music BUT when I’m not doing that I like to exercise a lot. Producing requires a lot of sitting, so I have to put that work in whenever I get the chance. Being by the pool, chilling with homies and family and finding more ways to get the bag.
Johnie B: Gettin my footy in, traveling, photography, hanging with my little cousins.
10. If you had 3 wishes, what would they be and why?
Spadez: 1. Unlimited cash 2. Everyone to chill out and not worry about what the next person is doing. 3. More wishes.
Johnie B: 1. Cut a hole in a box 2. Put your junk in that box  3. More songs by the Voidz.  
11. Are you going on any tour or hosting any events to promote the album?
Spadez: We’re planning on playing some live shows after the album comes out. We have a music video on the way as well, and a PRTTY cool collaboration with Riff Raff that might drop later this year. 
Johnie B: Yessir. 
12. Do you have any other upcoming projects?
Spadez: We each have solo projects coming out. I have an EP, a remix series, a solo album, a “mixtape,” and a couple solo music videos that are almost all finished up. I’m planning on getting back into producing for other artists as well. I wanted to put all of my focus into this project so I took a break from collaborations.
Johnie B: After you go add “Cop Car” to every playlist you own, peep the music video for “scrt lv” one time.
13. What are your social media accounts?
Spadez: @Spaaadez errywhere (@SpadezOfficial on YouTube). 
Johnie B: @JohnieBthatsme
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