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We recently had the chance to chat with alternative band ‘Like Satellites’ about their new single “Muscle Memory”, working in the studio, upcoming projects, and more!

  1. Can you introduce yourselves and describe what each member contributes to the band? (Your roles, etc)

We are Like Satellites, and we’re an alternative band from Toronto, Canada. We’re made up of Logan Arsenault on bass, Alex Bullen on drums, Ryan Goodman on guitar, and myself (Leah Gillespie) fronting the band.


  1. How would you describe your sound?

That’s a tough one! I think it can be a lot of things at different times. At the core I think we’re very much a pop rock or pop punk band, but we draw from a lot of different places to come to that sound. We’re like music for people who have too many feelings and just want to scream them at the top of their lungs in the car with the windows down. The kind of stuff that came out of Warped Tour (RIP), you know?


  1. What was the writing and recording process like for your most recent single “Muscle Memory?”

Muscle Memory was actually written by myself and our former guitarist Mario Duke, it was the first song we ever worked on together and the thing that really created Like Satellites. I showed up at his place with an acoustic recording that I’d done in my mom’s kitchen, totally rough and not at all like what it is now and he made it what it is. He found the core of the song and showed it to people.

Flash forward a couple months and we got into the studio with Sam Guaiana who’s done amazing work with a lot of our friends bands. We’d just gotten our first bassist, Glen Faria at that point and he’d only been out to two practices total but he laid down this really incredible bass line that I feel made the entire song so much better. It was really incredible working with such a talented producer laying down this song that had started as a little acoustic jam and turning it into kind of an anthem for this band.


  1. What is the song about?

It’s actually about a former band I was in that was pretty toxic, I won’t name names but they have since broken up. When we parted ways it was incredibly negative, their manager at the time who was actually just the guitarist’s girlfriend said some really nasty things on their behalf that degraded me as an artist. I was essentially told that if I ever wanted to make music, I needed them and that I had been holding them back. So in response I wrote this song to remind myself that I do know how to do this, it’s this empowering anthem for me now which is kind of funny. It came out of a time when I was questioning if I really had what it takes to make music, I think in releasing it we vindicate the very meaning of Muscle Memory.

At it’s very heart this is a song that I hope reminds people that whatever it is people are saying they can’t do, they can if they choose to. It’s about your own power, and your ability to walk away and be not only alright, but better off.


  1. How is it different from other music you’ve released in the past?

This is actually our first release as a group! But most of us have released music in some way in the past as well. Our guitarist Ryan used to be in a band called Ashglen that made pretty cool post-punk music where he actually wrote and produced everything other than the vocal melodies and lyrics, but he isn’t even on Muscle Memory! He’s our newest addition.

Our drummer Alex says that the music we have released makes us look forward to what is next to come like the prologue to a really good book.  Which is probably better than I could say it.


  1. What has the fan reaction been like to the song so far?

The response to the single has been kind of overwhelming, actually. Logan often says that it’s been such a long road to release, and when you turn something over in your head that many times you start to wonder if it’s any good anymore. We really weren’t sure how people would react, but it’s been incredibly positive so far! We’ve had people buying and streaming it, and we’re completely blown away by the support. The other day we realized that a radio station in Australia had bought it themselves and has been playing it on their ‘female fronted’ nights which is probably the craziest thing that’s ever happened to any of us. We’re really excited to see people at shows singing along this summer, we want everyone to have as good of a time as we do.


  1. Where can fans purchase or stream the single?

Just about everywhere! Where’s a lyric video on Youtube, it’s on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play Music, and Bandcamp.


  1. Are you currently working on an EP or album fans can look forward to?

Right now we’re playing songs that we’re planning to put on our first EP actually. So anyone who comes out to a show is getting a sneak peek at what we’re cooking up. We’re hoping to record this winter and release sometime in the late spring so there isn’t too long of a wait.


  1. Do you have any fun plans for summer?

Other than playing shows with some of our best friends bands? Ryan says he’s going to the cottage, but he isn’t bringing any of us, so that sounds boring. Logan is trying to get out in the dating scene more, and I’m going to be on a TV show! Alex has a couple of weekend trips planned because he’s from out West so he has to see his family. It’s going to be a busy summer for everyone.


  1. What are your goals for 2018?

Honestly, most of them were about releasing Muscle Memory, so that feels great. We’re really trying to nail our live show and get ready to head back into recording. Keep the momentum up, you know? We’re hoping to be able to do a bit of touring next year to support the record, so we’re just working on building up that connection with people who want to come to shows.


  1. Are there any other projects you’d like your fans to know about?

We’ve always got something up our sleeve. Maybe a collaboration or two? We don’t want to spoil the surprise.


  1. What are your social media accounts?

The band has a website now www.likesatellites.com, but we’re also on social media:

Facebook: facebook.com/likesatellitesband

Instagram: instagram.com/likesatellitesband

Twitter: twitter.com/likesatellites_

Youtube: bit.ly/wearelikesatellites


I’m @leahishazy everywhere. Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, you name it that’s where you’ll find me. Except Youtube where I’m youtube.com/leahgillespieofficial. But if you search Leahishazy, you’ll still find me.

Logan is on Instagram @loganabass.

Alex is on Instagram and Twitter as @AJBmusicgroup.

Ryan is on Twitter as @Goodmanmusic and Instagram @ryangoodman

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