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We had the chance to chat with “Chicken Girls” star Erin Reese about working on the show, creating music, upcoming projects, and more!

1 . How did you land your role in “Chicken Girls?”

I met Billy Leblanc at Rock Your Hair and he said they were looking for trained actors. Few days later I was with Dylan and her mom who got a call asking if she knew dancers and sent them my information.

2. How would you describe your character? 

Bess is a dancer on the rival dance team at Attaway. My character still isn’t fully developed which is good because ya know it’s something the writer’s can work with.

3. Why do you think “Chicken Girls” has become so popular? 

Well certainly because of Annie & Hayden but the storyline does keep getting better each episode. I do like that our show is age appropriate and kids can relate.The movie was the best!

4. What is an “OMG” moment that you’ve had on-set? 

Shooting the finale of season two when we had a live audience. It was so exciting but also made you feel nervous. Seeing all the fans lined up and yelling our names was awesome.

5. What is something that fans wouldn’t know about working on the show? The amount of time it takes just to film one scene.

6. What is a typical day like on-set?

 Hurry up and wait..lol.. Lots of eating while waiting. Seriously, we check in go over lines, hair, make up wardrobe, and filming. At some point we order postmates. We all goof off in between it’s nice working with friends.

7. What has been your favorite episode to film so far? 

I love filming our dancing scenes because I love to dance. My favorite was season 2 when Power Surge was sitting on the bed meditating and I was able to improve. I laugh thinking about it, it took several takes we all kept laughing.

8. Do you hang out with Annie and the rest of the cast when you’re not working? 

YES! we are all pretty close like a family.

9. When did you get your start in music? 

I started out in my hometown doing local children’s musicial theater and it grew from there. My mom found Griffith Frank in LA and started really taking vocal training more serious.

10. What can you tell us about the music video you’re releasing? 

It is a story that follows the lyrics about how I came from a small town and moved to the west coast to pursue my dreams. My Papa started calling me Little Miss Hollywood since the day I was born, he always said I would be a star so that was our inspiration for the song.

11. Is this your first music video? 


12. What was the recording process like? 

Long..lol.. I have recorded covers and another song that isn’t released in small studios but this was my first big solo project with music producers. My music producers EsticoAndGriff (Esteban Calderon and Griffith Frank) are so great and patient. I really enjoy working with them so they made the process fun!

13. Are you currently working on any other projects? 

We just wrapped season 3 of Chicken Girls. Episodic season is coming up so I have been working on my acting and I head back into the studio soon to work on more new music. I am working to develope content for my YouTube channel. This business is alot of work so you have to be dedicated.

14. What are your social media accounts? 

IG: erinreeseofficial Twitter: @iamerinreese Facebook: Erin Reese DeJarnette YouTube: Erin Reese DeJarnette

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