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  1. How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?


Well I mean, as a child, I was kinda born into the industry. At an early age I knew I wanted to sing, dance, act, and model. I first starting singing in church around the age of 4 and began dancing a few months after.  At an early age my parents got me a talent agency called, Millie Lewis of Savannah. There I trained in on-camera work, modeling, acting, and so much more. One day my mom brought me to this event called “The Southern Women’s Show”. At The Southern Women’s Show, they would have models and performers. While they were on break, I ran up on stage while they were playing music and started dancing, not just any dancing, I was doing the Spiderman. In my head I was thinking I’m killing it, but in real life I looked like an adorable lil kid. Years later, in 2012, I was watching Tv with my parents, and Michael Jackson died. I had no idea who he was, so my parents showed me who he was on YouTube, and I instantly began to study him. From Thriller, to Remember The Time, to Bad, to Captain Eo, to Moonwalker. Michael Jackson inspired me to be an even better singer, dancer, and actor. Around this time I was older and Millie Lewis was for more children then pre-teens, so I then became apart of Halo Models and Talent. A few months after, there was a showcase held in Florida and I performed Michael Jackson, and got 14 callbacks. I had Agent looking at me from all over the United States. Among the people that saw me, one lady, Carol Stevens, told me I needed to be in LA. She set up me up with an interview with an agency called Clear Talent group, and they said I wasn’t ready. After that one no, everything fell into place.


  1. What was the first big project that you’ve worked on?


My first big project would have to be “Disney XD’s Clash Of Karts”.


  1. What was it like getting to work on “Dance Moms?”


Being on Dance Mom’s was an amazing experience. I definitely learned a lot from it.


  1. What was your favorite part of the experience?


My favorite part about being on Dance Moms, was the girls. Kalani Jojo, and Kendall had a trio and so did Nia, Simeon, and I. Jojo, and kendall kept saying how trash our dance was and how we would be lucky if we even placed, and next thing you know, WE GET 1ST PLACE!!!

  1. In addition to acting, we know you’re a singer. What stimulated your passion for music?


Music was always in blood, my dad was a singer and dancer himself. But I just kinda loved music, and performing. I always have.


  1. Do you prefer acting or music?


I prefer music because music involves acting. Like I have a single out called “Last Goodbye” and at the beginning of the video, you see me talking to my inner self. It’s very interesting because as individuals we tend to over think things, and that’s what I showcased at the beginning of the video.


  1. How would you describe your sound?


I would describe my sound as maybe R&B , Soul, and Pop.


  1. Who are your musical inspirations?


My musical inspirations are pretty much people that create good music, such as Baby Face, Brian McKnight, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Usher, Jasmine Sullivan, Brandy, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Tank, Kehlani, Bryson Tiller, Trey Songz, Tory Lanez, TC , JoJo, Ariana Grande, Alessia Cara, Sam Smith, the list goes on.


  1. Where can fans listen to your music?


My supporters can find my music on Youtube, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Store, iHeartRadio, and Soundcloud.


  1. Do you have any other upcoming projects your fans can look forward to?


Currently working on a few singles and music videos, so stay tuned.


  1. What are your social media handles?


My Instagram is Officialjalenparker my Facebook Like page is Jalen Parker, and my Youtube Channel is Jalen Parker.
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