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We recently had the chance to chat with Live Well about their new music video for “New Tattoos”, behind-the-scenes secrets, upcoming projects, and more!

  1. What was the filming process like for your new music video “Neck Tattoos?”


We shot the video in one day! The first sequence was shot between 3 and 5pm, then our extras came by in the mid evening and we shot the second sequence at night and were wrapped by 10pm. Was a sprint of a day and shoot but we had so much fun and were so grateful for everyone who came out to help!  


  1. What was the inspiration for the video?

Max (co-director, guitar and backup vocals) loves to approach music videos with an outlook of putting a “new spin” on an “old trick”. For “Neck Tattoos” Paul (lead singer and guitarist) wanted to do a one shot music video which was our fun take on what is a standard “day in the life party video”. We also wanted to convey the story of the song in an interesting way, so we thought the one take, a little all cast moving tricks, tricky camera movements, and lighting (done by Will Armstrong) would be great. Another fun part was using a female lead actress as “Neck Tattoos” doesn’t use any gender pronouns in the lyrics. We really want to present any of our creative efforts in a diverse way, whether with race and or gender. Stephen Emmerick (Co-director, filmer and editor) suggested actress Katrina Abreu, who ended up being the perfect fit and after we kicked around the general concept over a few sessions, a month later we went just for it. About 20 friends/ fans came out and had them running all over the house to make some of the sequences work but we feel it all paid off and hope y’all do too.


  1. How is this video different from others you’ve made in the past?

This was actually our first video!


  1. What was your favorite scene to film?

With it being a “one take” styled video there were really only two “scenes” we shot. I would say the second sequence with Katrina coming to the party was super fun to do.


  1. What is a behind-the-scenes secret you can share with?

In the beginning of the video when Katrina is leaving the house at approx 44 seconds you can catch our current and upcoming singles, ep and album covers.

Also at 1:37 all the extras and band are running out of the basement to make the next sequence of movements work.


  1. What is the song about?

“Neck Tattoos” tackles the constant struggle of past relationships and wanting to reach out to that person well knowing it may not be the best for either of you and your mental states, as we as the friends and family around you. There’s a reason things fall apart and even though your strongest desires tell you otherwise, you have to fight for what’s best for yourself and the future.


  1. Where can fans purchase or stream the song?



  1. Do you have an EP following the release of this single?

We have our full length “Perfectly Temporary” coming out in late spring of 2019


  1. What are your goals for 2019?

We are going to be releasing 4 more music videos, singles, and go on a big release tour for our upcoming full length,


  1. How would you describe your fashion sense?

Androgynous, fun, chill, hood, punk, balanced, honest


  1. What advice to you have for anyone wanting to pursue a career in the music industry?

Not sure to be honest… We don’t even really know what we are “pursuing” in terms of music. Just having fun and doing what we want. So maybe that? Do you always and don’t let anyone silence your messages. Also, don’t be a dick.


  1. Do you have any other upcoming projects?

Just more videos, singles, and that full length   


  1. What are your social media platforms?

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/livewellband

Spotify: http://smarturl.it/LiveWellSpotifyPage

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/livewellbandny

Twitter: https://twitter.com/livewellband

YouTube: http://smarturl.it/LiveWellYouTube
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