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  1. When did you realize you wanted to become a part of the entertainment industry?

I realized I wanted to become a part of the entertainment industry when I heard Taylor Swift’s Speak Now album. I realized that it was possible to write your own songs as a young child and succeed in the business even as a teenager. I always knew that I wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry. It was never even a question of whether I shouldn’t be part of the entertainment industry. I always had a belief that I would succeed somehow.

  1. What was the first big project you worked on?

The first big project I worked on was when I booked a job to sing “You’ll Be In My Heart” for the New Years’ special on CCTV. CCTV is the most watched network in China, and one of the most in the world with over 800 million viewers. It was an incredible experience for me as such a young child to be able to sing on such a beautiful set and be able to have my first glimpse into show business. This just motivated me to want it more.

  1. How would you describe your musical sound?

As an artist, my style is definitely along the lines of fusion R&B (modern and old school) with a little bit of mainstream pop sound. My music is not specifically catered towards a specific age group.  In songwriting, I write with the intent of doing something that is universal. I don’t let genres define me either too much, because I think there is something to be said about taking elements from different genres and amalgamating them into one.

  1. Do you have any original music out?

Yes.  I have most of my original music out on SoundCloud. I have a few singles and other songs that fall outside of my genre range but I’m currently working on developing EP material. So, things are currently still in the works but they won’t be for long.

  1. Are you working on any other projects you’d like to do share with us?

I am working on my EP. I am going into the studio soon to record what I have been working on. I am developing online content. I am very excited about everything on @cybelemusic on Instagram and Facebook. Also, see some of my work by subscribing to my youtube channel Cybelemusic.

  1. How do you like to use your platform for change?

On my Instagram, I really love to make motivational videos and I’m always about positivity and being happy. I really love to do that with my followers and I hope that my happiness rubs off on them. I want them to truly feel confident in their dreams and their principles. I want them to feel self-assured enough to the point that they won’t let the corruption of the outside world affect them.

  1. Do you work closely with any organizations or associations?

I work closely with three main organizations that highlight the importance of the Chinese community in Los Angeles and self-education within their population. As a mixed child myself, I work with the 1990 Institutewhich promotes cross-cultural programs between the U.S. and China. It is focused on providing education and cultural trips to American students regarding Chinese culture. East Meets West promotes cultural understanding and positive parenting.  I think that promoting internationalism is important in this day and age because of not only the increasing diversity in both countries, but also the fact that China has an expanding influence and since they are likely the two most powerful nations in the world, it is important that they cooperate as much as possible. Another organization that I work closely with is the American Cancer Society.  I often sing for their Relays for Life which helps promote awareness but also raise money for Chinese American women to get breast cancer treatment. I love singing for their events and it is always such an honor for me to be able to perform for their cause.

Another organization close to my heart is the PLACE, for which I am an Ambassador and sing at some of their events if I can — they are on the East Coast which makes it harder for me —  which promotes an inclusive art education for all, including the physically or financially-challenged communities which are often underserved.

  1. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy watching the Boys Over Flowers show on Netflix. Thanks to my Godsister, I am currently obsessed with that show and I absolutely love the music , the characters, and I have even tried pronouncing the names the way they do. I just abhor how they play with my emotions though. The music, the timing, the plot, it seems as if there is some magical formula to make me cry during every episode.

  1. Do you have any fun plans for the summer?

I will be going to Asia this summer with my family for some work and some play,  And then I am very excited to say that I will be participating in a songwriting and performance workshop this summer and I will be at Berklee School of Music for a couple months to simply develop my craft. I’m really excited to dive in.

  1. Where can fans stay connected with you on social media?

They can stay connected with me on Instagram, on Facebook, and on YouTube at @cybelemusic.

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