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1. What has the fan reaction been like to your recent EP “Love & Loss”?

It has been awesome! Everyone who has listened has been loving and that is so amazing to hear.

2. What inspired the title of the EP?

The title of the EP was inspired by the music. All the songs discuss some sort of love or loss. I thought it was so fitting to put that out on the table for people to know.

3. How would you describe the tracks on the EP?

They are energetic, heart wrenching and they make you feel you can overcome any hardships.

4. How is this project different from others you’ve previously released?

This is the first big big release for me. I have played and written many things but I have never been as inspired & motivated by anything other projects I have attempted. This project is also the most authentic version of me than anything else I’ve done.

5. Have you noticed a fan favorite song from the project?

From what I have heard “Home” is the fan fave right now.

6. What is something fans wouldn’t know about the EP?

Unless you have discussed with me personally, fans would think that it was one specific relationship but really only 3 songs out of 5 are from my POV. The other two are based off of what I have seen in other people’s relationships. I’ve said I love writing from a different POV because it pushes me creatively.

7. How long did the entire process take to create the EP?

From start to release day it was about a year. It was the biggest learning experience of my life and I cannot wait to do it again!

8. Do you have any other upcoming projects?

As of right now no planned but we are back in the studio creating new music for all the world to hear!

9. What are your social media handles?


Twitter – @haasbandva

Instagram – @haasbandva

Facebook – @haasbandva

Twitter – @iamsamhaas

Instagram – @iamsamhaas

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