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1. What is your favorite part about being a musician?

Getting to express myself intimately in a medium that really exposes my soul.  

2. How would you describe your sound?

My drumming sound is hard, definitely metal!  I like using a lot of “off-beats” like Matt Cameron from Soundgarden with a lot of the zaniness of Bun E. Carlos from Cheap Trick/Tinted Windows. My guitar sound really came about while listening to Peter Buck of R.E.M.

3. What has it been like getting to play at music festivals such as Coachella?  It is pretty intimidating to say the least! I have a problem with stage fright which is why I am always cracking jokes – helps ease the tension.  But once I get up there, I try to zone out and just “feel” what I play. While on-stage, playing is really a spiritual thing, like making love to the audience.  You share such a big part of you when you perform and you feed on the love you get back from the crowd. Nothing quite like it.

4. What has been your most notable project to date?  I’d say playing live at Lollapalooza with friends. It was insane playing in front of a crowd with thousands of people forming a sea in front of you.  It is very surreal.

5. What is your dream project?  I would love to do a collaboration with my friends Peter (Porno For Pyros/Satellite Party) and James (Smashing Pumpkins/A Perfect Circle) on a film score with a full orchestra. I think a mix of our rock/electronica styles fused with a classical orchestra would be magic!

6. What artists would you like to collaborate with?  I would LOVE to work with Alex and Geddy of Rush but I would be extremely intimidated!  I’d also love to work with the guys in Metallica too as I am a huge fan.

7. Are you currently working on any music?

Sadly not at this time.  Working on producing and directing my own projects has been very challenging so I have to focus my attention on that full-time.

8. What are your social media handles?

Facebook: neil.dmonte

Facebook: ClanOfTheVein

Twitter: neildmonte

IG: @clanofthevein

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