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1. How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

Well, Mom had been telling me since I was 3 I should be an actor. I used to watch infomercials and then reenact them for my parents. But when I was 8 I met an actor named Grayson Russell (Diary of a Wimpy Kid). He was in Huntsville, AL filming a movie at theU.S. Space and Rocket Center. My dad had seen where he was going to be the Monaco Theater at Bridge Street Town Center that week to watch “Diary of Wimpy Kid: Dog Days“ movie with his fans. So, my dad took me and one of my best friends Mason to the theater.  We got to meet Grayson Russell. Grayson was great! We are both named Grayson and we are both redheaded so we hit it off. Grayson had mentioned the movie he was working on called “Space Warriors” and they were looking for extras to be in the movie. So, I went to Space and Rocket Center and applied to be an extra. I fell in love with the environment. I talked to the crew of the production. The more I was on set the more I loved it. There was a lot of waiting around until they reset the scene and started filming and the scene was filmed over and over to get the best shot. I would watch the crew how they moved their equipment around and the lighting to change the angle of the shot. I thought this is the best place on earth. My parents enrolled me in the local acting school in Huntsville called “Hollywood Huntsville”. I took classes the rest of that year. I booked my first movie the following spring.  It was life changing meeting Grayson Russell and what makes it even better is we are still friends today. I really appreciate him taking the time to meet me and talk to me.

2. What was your first big project?

Daddy’s Home” was the first big one and it was filmed outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. I worked with Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Scarlett Estevez and Owen Vaccaro. Mark Wahlberg was amazing to work with. My role name was supposed to be “Big kid at half pipe” but Mark and I would fist bump so much on set production changed it to “Fist Bump kid”. Everyone was so nice I actually had a scene with Mark Wahlberg but it got cut and ended up on the editing room floor. But I loved the opportunity of being on Daddy’s Home set.

Set of Daddy’s Home

3. What was it like getting to work on “Chicken Girls: The Movie”?

It was absolutely amazing. I met new friends and worked with an amazing cast of actors/actresses. Everyone was so kind to me. Meeting Melanie Paxson aka Principal Anthony was beyond anything I could have dreamed.  I learned so much from her and so honored to call her a friend. The Chicken Girls were the best, I walked around and introduced myself to the crew. They were top notch for sure.

4. What character did you portray?

I played the role of Sheldon. His character is always trying to kiss up to Principle Anthony (Melanie Paxson, Disney’s Descendants Fairy Godmother) to be her pet. Sheldon loved to tattle tale on the students at Attaway High. So, I’m like a nerdy spy. I think Sheldon is a good kid he just doesn’t have any friends but the principle. I think he would love to be a cool kid like Rhyme or TK, to be a part of their group. I was just so honored to have worked with such a great production and great group of people. I am hoping you will see more of Sheldon in the future. But you can also see Sheldon in Chicken Girls single “Dancing on the Ceiling” video.

5. How would you describe the atmosphere of the set?

The atmosphere on set was great. When we had down time we would play games or just sit around talking to each other. It was great being on set and then during down time just being a normal teenager and cutting up with each other.  

6. What is a behind-the-scenes secret you can share with us?

Well, I’m not sure it’s a secret but I always had a Rubik’s Cube in my hand. I showed a few of the cast how to solve it. I’d have to say the set of Chicken Girls was one of my best experiences. It was so welcoming and all the actor/actresses were all so great.

On set of Chicken Girls

Me and Principle Anthony aka (Melaine Paxson)

That’s a Wrap – Chicken Girls the Movie

7. What other projects have you worked on?

I have been in several TV series/Feature Films which include Daddy’s Home, Heaven Bound, Dead Woman Walking, American Horror Story, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, To Tell the Truth, NC16 and Man Down. It was amazing working withal the amazing talent over these years. I have even played Russell from the Disney Movie “Up” in a Dorito Challenge Commercial and can be seen in a Blackbear/Gucci Mane Video.

Blackbear and Gucci Mane Music Video

Your Pretty Face is Going To hell

ABC To Tell the Truth

Doritos Commercial as Russell from Disney Up

on set of “Black Pumpkin”

Heaven Bound

Daddy’s Home

8. What is your dream role?

I would love to be cast in a Comedy. Either a recurring role in a TV series or a feature film. But, my dream role would have to be working on anything with Marvel. But honestly I just want to be on set whether it is a Drama, Action, Comedy or Horror

9. Do you have any other upcoming projects?

I am in TV Series called NC16 I play Nelson. a teenager who, along with his friends are just trying to make it thru high school. NC16 is currently making it rounds in short film festival. I am so proud of this production, I was able to work with several of my friends on this. The writer (Michael Rojo) for this series is phenomenal. he was able to capture each one of our characters and apply to our personalities. So far, the TV series has won several film festivals (Independent Short Awards for Best Web &New Media for 2019, Independent Short Awards for Best Acting Ensemble 2019) Official Selection Best Shorts Competition 2019, Global Film Festival 2019, Silicon Beach Film Festival 2019, Latino Film Market 2019, Finalist Hollywood Just4shorts Film & Screenplay Competition 2019). There is also a short film called Water Dawg. I play the role of Kevin in this film about a man who delivers psychedelic drugs to a funeral. It is set in Kentucky in 1979. Another feature film I’m in is called Black Pumpkin and it will be released this year. I play the role of Lawrence “Pork Chop” Chubbs. It’s about two preteens in a small town that accidentally awaken an evil that has been dormant for decades and we have to survive thru Halloween night.

On set of Water dawg


That’s a Wrap for Black Pumpkin

10. What are your social media handles?






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