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  1. What inspired your new single “White Seasons”?

Evan – I’m inspired by a lot of different artists. I’d say Wilco has been my favorite group for a long time now and a huge inspiration to my songwriting. Elliott Smith has also had a profound impact on my songwriting over the years. The lyrics were inspired by the scenery while driving through different parts of California and thinking about my different relationships with people in my life. What is the song about?

2. Evan – The song is about longing for better days of the past while going through the more trying times in life, such as coping with heartbreak, watching helplessly as a loved one deals with pain, or feelings of isolation and loneliness. Even with all of these troubles, there are countless joyful memories and an infinite number of incredible experiences to look forward to. The better days I was thinking of when writing “White Seasons” were trips up to the mountains during winter with my family and friends.

3. How did you create the title?

Evan – “White Seasons” is in reference to trips up to the snow throughout the years.

4. How is this song different from others you’ve released in the past?

Evan – Our previous release, Miles Alone EP, was with the full band, whereas White Seasons is just acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and vocals.

Jon – We typically perform this song with a full band and the additional instrumentation really drives the feel. With an acoustic version, more detail comes into the light. We had to rethink the sound of the track and try some new ideas.

5. What has the fan reaction been like to the single?

Evan – People seem to like it. Definitely some positive feedback so far, which is nice.

Jon – I think people enjoy the change of pace and, for those who don’t know our music, they’ll be pleased to hear the mood shift from this to our first EP.

6. Will you be releasing an EP?

Jon – Yes, we will. It’s a 3-song acoustic EP that comes out on June 21.What was the process of selecting the single?

7. What about the song made you choose it?

Jon – The two other songs, one written by Evan and one by me, are both engaging and poignant songs that remain some of my favorites. But the true Night Market tone comes through on White Seasons.

8. Do you have any other upcoming projects you’d like to share with us?

Jon – We’re beginning a round of summer shows! Be sure to follow us on social media and come out!

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