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1. How did you get your start in the music industry?

I was singing and dancing non-stop as a child, and my parents were cool enough to embrace my passions. They hired Peggy Lebo, an incredible voice & piano coach and I started writing original songs at age 13. I also starred in musical theatre productions. Music and performing are in my soul which lead me to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston. I officially knew then that being a singer-songwriter/performer was my calling.

2. What can you tell us about “Here and Now?”

Here and Now is a very special song to me and is the title track of my upcoming album. It’s all about being present and not over analyzing. We live in a very fear-based society and this song is a reminder to be fearless and present. There is so much magic when you embrace being in the now.  We are all on our own unique journey so be authentically you and don’t worry about the rest.

3. What was the main inspiration behind the song?

I like songs with a message and started working on a beat with my producer Austin Shawn, the beat that was created inspired the lyrics. I’m currently loving more upbeat “Light” music with a dance influence.

4. How would you describe your sound?

Pop / Electronic. It’s like if Ellie Goulding, Adele & Maggie Rogers decided to have a party 🙂

5. How has working in Nashville influenced you?

Working in the music capital of the world is a great reminder of the caliber of talent out there. When you immerse yourself around such incredible musicianship, it brings out the best in you. I’m born and raised California so living in a new city has definitely been a new adventure. I’ll always be a California girl at heart but Nashville has been a great place to grow as an artist. The emerging pop scene in Nashville is pretty cool, but what’s even cooler is most people don’t know about it…it’s our little secret.  

6. Where and when can fans listen to the song?

HERE AND NOW is available on all streaming platforms and the music video can be viewed on YouTube! My album will be released at the end of summer!

7. Will you be touring or appearing at any events to promote the song?

Yes! Once the album is released, we will be performing some very exciting shows. First on the calendar will be Los Angeles, Nashville, and New York. We are also planning a U.S. Tour.

8. Are you working on any other projects?

I did intense film & tv scene work with William Arnold at The 4th Wall Acting Studio in Nashville and would love to explore acting, but currently, my music career is where I’m focusing all my energy and attention.

9. What are your social media platforms?

Instagram: @autumnknight_

Facebook: @autumnknightofficial

YouTube: Autumn Knight

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