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1. How did you get started in the entertainment industry?  

My parents went their separate ways when I was almost four years old.  My mom knew she wouldn’t be able to pay for my College education so when a Talent Manager approached us, she said yes.  Cammie started me out with modeling and commercials and got me signed on with my first agent. My mom would submit me for theatrical projects and got me an audition for a film called Sexpot.  I was four years old with little to no filter. It took us over two hours to get there and apparently I was out of control. When I got into the room, I didn’t want anything to do with the director.  He asked me why I was scared of him. I very quietly said- because you are fat. He said, you don’t like my belt? I said again very quietly, because you are fat. He questioned again what I said and then the camera man said as clear and loud as can be…. He said because you are fat.  They all laughed hysterically, mom was mortified and I was now at ease. I did the audition and booked the role. Ha!  

2. What was your first big project?

  My first project was the role of Little Joe Joe in the movie Sexpot.  I played a bratty little kid was a VERY foul mouth. My mom and the Director both had a talk with me about how these words should never be used as they are only for very very bad boys.  My first really big role though was a film called Old Man Death where I was the lead. It was a full length feature.  

3. Who inspires you?  

 I’m inspired by several people.  I’m a huge fan of Chris Pratt. I love the work he does and how he seems to be a real down to earth person.  Will Smith a huge inspiration for me. I had the pleasure of meeting him in crafty on the set of one of his wife’s projects.  We walked in to get snacks and BAM! There he was. As I was a huge fan of Men in Black, I recognized him right away. Can you believe that he spent 20 minutes of his precious time talking to me.  He let me tell him a story that I apparently made up. It didn’t shine my mother in a very good light so she was quick to let him know that I just made up the whole thing. He loved that. Took out a huge script and said that is the way to go.  Told me to keep it up and start writing them down.  

4. Can you tell us about your experience has been like so far as a young actor in Hollywood? 

It is a constant learning experience. I’ve met and worked with some great and talented people from all different jobs in the industry.  I feel like I get to take something different away from each Coach that I have worked with. If I won an Academy, my list would be so long they would have to kick me off the stage.  I’m extremely grateful to these mentors. On the flip-side, some of the mothers are…..I’m trying to be polite… .Pushy and fake. The majority of the Casting Directors are very kind and nice but there has been at least one that I absolutely refused to go back to.  

5. What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned?  

That Casting Directors are just people too and want us to do good.  I used to get so nervous before an audition. Wanting to get it all perfect, wanting them to like me, wanting to give them a good audition that I’d have to go into the bathroom first and talk to myself to calm down.  The funny thing about this was I didn’t have these jitters when I was on set with 20 or so people all watching. Just in that little office with one or two people at the most! After getting to know many of them and basically learning that they are out to help me which helps them, I am much better.  I’ll be honest, when I really want a role, I still get a little nervous.  

6. What projects have you appeared in? 

 I”ve been on two episodes of Community playing Young Jeff.  That was super cool because I got to wear retro clothes. A highlight for me was meeting Ken Yeoung.  Super cool and funny guy. I got to play Naomi Grossman’s oldest son in the horror film- The Chair. It was the younger boys first time on set and she came in the room in character and he was so scared he started crying.  This worked out great as the Director was hoping to capture that. She felt very badly though.   

7. Do you have any other upcoming projects?  

I had the wonderful opportunity to work on the project Water Dawg as Bradshaw.  The Writer/Director Christopher Baiza cast my two friends Norton Leufven and Grayson Kilpatrick as well.  It was a night shoot filmed on location out in the country. We had so much fun! The Hunters Anthology is a series of stories and has not been released yet.  If you don’t count Young Joe Joe from Sexpot, it is my first bully role. I also had the role of a gargoyle. It took over 2 hours to get the make-up and prosthetics on.  When she was done, it was lunch time! What a challenge it was to try and eat and drink. The Director Robert Smithline and his crew were totally cracking up watching me. Lots of photos were taken.  I can’t wait to share them with you, but can’t until after the film is released. I have two films that are yet to be filmed. I have been cast as Jax Banks in the Film Adopted. I”m one of three siblings who set out on a journey to find their real parents after finding out they are not biologically related.  The other is called Powerchild and it is hush hush so no sharing right now.  

8. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?  

When I’m not working, I enjoy doing what all Southern Cal kids do…  Boogie Boarding, Biking, hanging with friends, gaming. We have a group that goes roller skating every week, or at least we try to.  

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