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1. When did you realize you wanted to be an actor?

Well I started modeling for some international companies like H&M when I was five. By the time I was about 7 I was already working as a series regular on Nick Jr.’s show Zack and Quack.  So I guess at a really early age I kind of knew that this is what I loved doing. Being able to explore different characters and take an audience on a ride is just the best feeling.

2. What was your first big project?

My first larger ongoing project was a show called Zack and Quack where I was a series regular.   That was such an incredible learning experience for me, especially as a young actor. First, I really love animation and getting to bring characters to life in the story was just so rewarding and so much fun.  I moved on to a bunch of guest starring roles on shows such as Blue Bloods and Bull. This past year has been truly amazing.  I starred in the movie All Square opposite Michael Kelly and Pamela Adlon. The movie won best film at the SXSW film festival.  Working on that film with such talented and really cool actors was really a dream come true.   

3. What was the audition process like for “Such a Funny Life”?

There was a larger audition process and I went down and met with the Director/Writer Oliver Mann.  We went through the script and we did a bit of improv also at the time. It was pretty relaxed and it was fun working on the script.

4. What is it about?

The movie is about the life of David Gutierrez. David eventually becomes a comedian when he gets older-which you would think means he had a pretty great warm childhood- but his life is anything but fun growing up. It was incredibly challenging due to the mental illness challenges facing his mother and his abusive father.   I think audiences love genuine characters that they can root for and I think the film captures that. Despite all of the tragic events in his life- David gives back to everyone the gift of laughter. No matter how challenging things become- David overcomes to become a comedian that brings joy to so many people.  

5. Who do you portray in the film?

I play David in the film during the first half of his life.  I think audiences will really walk away loving his journey and it was a pleasure getting to really dive in and explore such a deep and complex character like David.   This is a really a unique sort of character that had so much potential for an actor to portray. What I found most appealing is getting into the heart of a character that is so tragically wounded but has to still be brave enough to bring joy to everyone.  

6. What is a behind-the-scenes secret you can share with us?

I would say look to see how David always sought to protect his sister at any cost and how this relationship influenced his entire life.

7. When and where can fans watch?

It will be released around the country soon and ultimately on Demand.

8. What is your dream role?

I absolutely love acting- and I especially love any roles that really give me an opportunity to portray deep short of characters.   But there is no doubt. I want to someday be Spiderman! 

9. Do you have any other upcoming projects?

I have something special in the works that I can’t speak about at the moment.  But it has been a great year. I just wrote a sketch comedy short and it won best film in two film festivals.  I also love playing guitar, singing and composing music. Hopefully, someday an album will be in the works.

10. What are your social media handles?

You can catch me on instagram @jesserayoffical   You can also follow me on Facebook at JesseRSheps.  My website is www.jessesheps.com

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