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1. When did you realize music was an area you wanted to pursue?

Definitely in college. My band at the time was doing pretty well and getting gigs all over campus and later on in Houston. The experience of being the lead singer for that seven-piece band made me realize I needed to prioritize music in my life, and pursue it seriously. 

2. How would you describe your sound?

I’d say the vocals have a heavy r&b vibe and the production is more electropop, or electrosoul as I call it. I trained as a singer since the age of 5 in my native language, Bengali, which influenced me to incorporate my culture’s sound in my music. The mix of my vocally-driven, culture-based sound with pop and R&B influences is what makes it unique.

3. Who are your musical influences?

I really can’t place it on any one artist or style. I have a deep love for R&B and jazz music. I sang with the jazz band at Rice University for a few years, which was a ton of fun – I loved singing songs by Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone – as many as I could. Jazz is a language to me. It feels like I’m communicating with everyone else on stage through sound. There’s really nothing quite like it. And, as I said before, my culture has always been influential in my music.

4. What original music have you written so far?

Oh man. A ton. I released an EP in 2016, an album in 2017, and several singles after that. I am super excited to unveil all of the unreleased music I’m dropping now. My most recent 

single, “DOWN,” just dropped last Friday. You can hear it on Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, you name it: https://fanlink.to/DOWNbyMALSI

5. What has the fan reaction been like?

It’s been so motivating. I love reading the uplifting messages I’ve been getting on social media, and it’s always amazing hearing from fans who have stuck with me since my EP days. They’ve watched me grow as an artist, and based on what I’ve been hearing, it’s been a cool experience for them.

6. Do you have any upcoming music you’d like to tell us about?

Since DOWN has been performing so well, I’m dropping a second single off of the album. It’s called DOPAMINE, and is set to drop on Oct 11. It’s a vocally-driven song, with some cool R&B influenced drums – it’s one of my absolute favorites from the entire album, so stay tuned! Here’s the pre-save link:

7. What are your social media handles?

@musicbymalsi for everything.

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