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1. Can you tell us about your first audition you attended? Did you book that part?

My first real audition was for the Broadway show “Le Misérables”. Yes, I booked it! They actually cast me as “Young Éponine”.                                                                          

2. Can you tell us about what you remember the first time you received news stating you’ve booked a role?

I was very young so my mind didn’t really process how big this kind of news was. At the time I can remember being so excited  because I had one major line to scream!      

   3. What was your first major project?

 Le Misérables on Broadway.

4. What episodes of “Teens Wanna Know” have you been featured in?

I was part of the Free2Luv Unstoppable Tour episode. 

5. How would you describe the atmosphere of that set?

Teens Wanna know does not really have a set. They interview celebs on the red carpet. I can tell you time on Broadway working in Le Misérables was magical. 

6. Are you currently working on any other projects?

Yes, I’m a recording artist, I actually have four songs on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube. Stayed tuned because I have my new song that I wrote called “Heartbreaker” coming out (October) as well as the music video! 

7. What is your dream role?

I would love to have been in the TV show “Friends” as either Monica, Rachel, or Phoebe. I know it will probably never come back but this will forever be my favorite show of all time. I would also love the chance to play ‘Sophie’ in “Mamma Mia”. 

8. What are your social media handles?

To find me on Apple Music, Spotify, Facebook you can find me under “Kennedy Madison”. On Twitter find me @kennedymadisone. Tik Tok and Instagram are @iamkennedymadison

9. Do you have any back-to-school advice? 

I think education is so important. I would tell kids to stay focused on your grades and study very hard. A good high school GPA can help you get into a good college and help make your dreams come true.

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