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1.How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

W- Well I always sang , act and danced around the house but one day my parents decided to take me to an acting class, and that’s when I started acting in Vegas.

2. When did you realize entertainment was a potential career path?

W- After I got my first job, that’s when I realized, I like this more then anything else in the world and this is what I wanna do for the rest of my life.

3. What was your first major project?

W- My first audition I ever been on, I was scared to go on cause I didn’t know what I was doing . We weren’t even gonna go because I didn’t think I was ready, I was 8. My agent was like no its still a good experience you need to go. So I went and it was this National touring musical , and I got the part! They held auditions in Las Vegas , Los angles , and New York but I got the part of thousands that auditioned. We toured for 11 months did over 300 shows, and visited 50 cities! It was the most fun I ever had !

4. Do you recall your reaction when you received the news that you booked it?

W- yes, I was at school , and my parents picked me up early . They were like we have good news, you got the part of the audition. I was so happy and excited.

5. What have been some of your most notable projects to date?

For acting, I was in a thriller movie coming to theaters called “Bleach” and I played the serial killer as a child, and that was such a fun experience working with actors like “Eric Roberts” and “Lorenzo Lamas” and more! I’m in a few other movies coming out to like “The lies I tell myself” coming to Netflix soon!

For singing I’ve been on many tours including opening for “Jojo Siwa” and “Kidz Bop”, I’ve performed live for a million + people overall ! 

6. What is your dream role?

Probably being on “American Horror Story” or a witch on  “Chilling adventures of Sabrina”!

7. Who/what inspires you?

My favorite artists do!  Like Dua Lipa , or Lizzo , Kesha etc! I love the way they song write and perform! 

8. How did you celebrate your birthday?

My PR Anita with “Nesian PR” and I planned this huge event In Los Angeles , with over 500 Singers, Actors, Models, Dancers, Social media stars! With Sponsors like Veggie Grill, Hint Water, Vumi app, Corner bakery and a few more! There was performances and dancing from Singers on The voice, American Idol, Americas got talent, Shazam Movie and a lot more! It was overall a great time!!

9. Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to share with us?

Yes! I’m releasing a EP soon, and a new single called “Is it wrong” and I just released a single last month on all platforms called “Just Let It End” ! 

10. What are your social media handles?

My artist name for Streaming/Purchasing Music is “Will B”

And my Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok is @theofficialwillb !!

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