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  1. How did you form as a band?

Playing in various bands in an isolated market creates an awareness of everyone who’s around the scene.  The three of us had been playing together in some way or another for years. I (Nick) had been working on some demos in my bedroom, Michael got involved, and the two of us spent a year together just writing.  It’s how we spent all our time together. We didn’t necessarily have a goal in mind at the time, but the songs felt right so we began rehearsing them with Joe and it went on from there.


  1. What are each of your roles in the band?

Nick – Vocals

Michael – Guitar

Joe – Drums


  1. What inspired your upcoming single “Head High”?

Head High was equally inspired by the sounds of a summer discotheque and the mysterious night time loneliness hidden beneath a breathing city.  Sonically it’s filled with the energy of love and lust; wrapped in a mirror of self-reflection. We live within a mysterious moment where reality and illusion are blurred. As individuals we were really in the midst of it. We found ourselves trying to decipher fact and fiction while forming identity from our personal experiences. The state of your mind is easily altered when it all starts to feel the same.


  1. How did you choose this single? What made this song stand out from other records?

This song felt like a natural bridge between our past records and what we have in store for the future. It’s part one of three singles that will roll out as the year goes on.  We’re super excited to share the other songs with everyone as well. We’ve been throwing them in our live set and it all feels right.


  1. What do you think fans are going to take away from the song?

We hope anyone who listens can find a sense of relatability, but in the same vein, get lost in the way we’ve contrasted the message sonically.  Head High is very much about being deceived by someone you’ve trusted. For lack of a better term, it sucks, but we’ve all been there. Every experience, whether positive or negative, must be met with a moment of acceptance and a period of growth.  That’s what we’re trying to do here.


  1. Do you have an EP being released in the near future?

We’ll be dropping the other 2 singles as the year goes on.  You’ll hear something new by early summer. Our hopes are rooted in listeners (whoever they may be) really taking to these songs. We’d love to feel like we can write an album for an audience soon.


  1. Are you currently working on any other projects?

We’ll be working on some videos for the three singles.  Aside from that, we’re always writing and will be working on creating an experience out of our live shows.


  1. What are your social media platforms?





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